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Travel and die or whatever i suppose to call it

This is happen to me recently and its really hard for me to explain it, but i'm urge to explain cause it scares me a lot, and i really want it to stop.

Before that, please notice the condition below :

- this story is about my first accident

- this first accident happen in range of time less than 1 hour in this world

- this first accident happen in range of time 1 day in another place which i believe its also in this world

- i experience two of events above at the same time, the timeline mixed up.

- I was not sleeping/dreaming,   it was daylight and i was just laying at my bed after taking a little time to knee and pray

_ im 28 yo and i never use drug etc etc


it was 13:00 am. i took my time to pray a little bit and then decided to go to sleep.... i turn the tv on and lay on my bed,turns out i'm not sleepy at all and i just watch the tv.

i change my body posture from laying to sit in bed and try to focus on tv.

suddenly, i feel something unusual, i believe there is a something/some force/some hand/ or whatever it be is at my chest at that very moment, but i dont see it.. before i can do/think of anything about it, for a split seconds, it pull me hard and forcefully to sleep/pass out.

my condition becomes half conscious. i wake up and realize that im walking with a body of a little boy and i'm following a man infront of me. I cant see his face because he never turn his face on me, i cant open my mouth, i cant stop my leg from walking, im powerless and I have no control in this little boy body..

We spent about 6 hours walking to some places, and the only thing i can do is follow him (i'm not even the one who follow this man, i dont move this legs, this little boy body did that, i start to realize that the only organ that i can feel and control is only the eyes).

we arrive at a traditional and poor village, i dont recognize the civilization..they ignoring us..looks like many people got some sort of plague or something...the man whom i follow approach them... i do not/can not move to follow him.

i saw him from distance, i cant see what he is doing. after about 5 minutes people in that village start to crowded around him. the man back at me/the boy, but  this boy body turn his face down, my eyes/his eyes looks at the ground so i cant see the man face. i cant hear the people, but i see their foot slowly following the man and me his back. ..the crowd stop to move, the man and me climb a higher place of the ground, i can see the man giving a speech or something but i cant hear it, and the people respond like a football supporter goal celebration at crucial match , but i cant hear them..

suddenly i was force back to wake up in my actual world. Then something strange happen with me in my room, i see a BOX that usually i recognize as COMPUTER, i was not able to recognize the BOX, i dont know what is the name, what is the function.. i try to remember it but i cant, at the same time, its start for getting hard to breath for me at that moment. this waking up event happen for 5 second.. and then

something/ some force/some hand appears in my chest again, and it pull me again......

Im back travel with the man..and go to another place..\

Its continue and does not stop, it happen again and again (about 5 times come backs)

at the last time i come back to this world, my "knowledge" about the my own stuff in my rooms have completely erased, I also don't remember/recognize any human, I don't even have any knowledge/recognition about the word "Mother" "Father" "Son" ...I dont know anything at all, my knowledge have completely erased from me, i dont even have/know something to feel sad about... i feel dying , its really really hard to breath, im about to die.. 

for the last time the force/the invisible hand/ the something, appears in my chest pull me again...

But, Its all dark this time...i dont see anything and i dont see the man...there is a light appears far infront of me..i know im going to die, because i cant feel that im breathing again..i accept my death freely...

suddenly i hear powerfull/mighty voice whispering in heart/ear i dont know where is it comes from and which my body receiving the sound...i never hear something like it.. and then something pull me back again..

i woke up in my bed, full of cold sweat, i can feel that i begin to recognize/understand the stuff in my room one bye one and slowly...i spent another 3-6 hours to returning my own sense...i drink like i was never drink before, i force myself to eat because i want to know how it feels like in my mouth.. im trying so hard to returning my passion about everything (sense, desire, lust), because i know, it has been taken away  from me for short of time... after 3-6 hours i get my everything back...

the end

FInal note : - i travel again to many place wihout the man but this time is in my sleep/dream

                   - sorry for any mispelling and wrong grammar, its hard for me to arrange the right word for this experience.

                   - if anyone have any idea whats happen, and how to stop it happen please tell me.. thanks before.


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