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Energy. Accept it that it exists, and understand how to deal with it.
Awareness is crucial here. Developing that 3rd person/observer perspective allows for that.
Once you begin to develop that ability, you begin to "see" so much more.
For me what started to appear first are the "links" or "associations" between the individual and the environment.
This comes in a two fold benefit, but it can be somewhat jarring.

First the benefits. You learn what "triggers" you. Emotional responses and what your actual decision making process consists of.
If you can bring that process into conscious awareness, then wow, if you know it, see it, and understand it, then you can operate it, change it.
Second is that you begin to see driving causality in other peoples reactions and decisions, to some degree. Which is huge. Becarefull though not to be projecting your own ego system onto them. Again, third person/observer mindset.
Then the immediate, knee jerk reactions to someone else's actions, is blunted to a degree, from an emotional standpoint. This doesn't mean that their reactions aren't important, just like your own aren't important. But you can trace down deeper, what are the possibilities that could cause this persons actions. Which is a good practice for understanding yourself at deeper levels.

The jarring part can be, is that your existence is not as rigid as you think it is.
To some degree I have had this mentality where in I am this persona and fuck you if you challenge it.
Accepting this possibility of a less "rigid" self existence, frankly produced fear for me. But still that potential exists regardless of how I perceive it. What produced that persona was still "learnt".
Which is the tricky part.

The bottom line is that whatever the potential(or lack of perceived potential) for change or any other random situation that occurs, you still have the gift of decision.
This will not change.

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