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Tris needs our help. He is going through one of the worst periods of his life – everything just came tumbling down on him all at once. His problems are health related. Physical problems lead to emotional problems, then to mental problems and finally spiritual problems.

His spiritual problems are not a loss of belief – that will never happen. His spiritual problems are in the fact that he can’t financially keep this site running any longer by himself.

I’ve known and worked off and on with Tris for about 10 years now. I met him when Esoteric Online had just 50 members. Now it has over 13,000 members. He has persevered all these years, paying all of the cost of keeping the site going by himself. His health was fine at that time and his work record impeccable with good pay checks which he unselfishly used to pay the site fees.

Now the tide has turned for him and he can no longer keep it going. He desperately needs help. I do know that his philosophy is that no one should ever have to pay to get spiritual help and teachings.

 I told him that they pass the plates every Sunday in churches all over the world. I’ve been an organist for these churches for over 70 years and I know they have to keep the lights on. Tris does not want to have to do this, but I think he’s being unrealistic about it.

My suggestion is that he make  Esoteric Online a membership site with dues. How much these dues should be, I don’t know. I suggested $5.00 a month. That may be too high – depending on how many respond. Maybe $3.00 a month, or maybe even $1.00 a month. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this?

Have you ever been depressed? Well I have and it’s no fun. I’ve helped EO with what I could. Last month I donated $100.00 Several months last fall I donated $50.00 a month. And that on my Social Security that I really need for doctor’s bills.

I’ll be 86 years old next month. I’ve had 4 back surgeries and need a 5th one. I need a total knee replacement on one leg and the other one is going. I have diabetes, have had a pulmonary embolism – 3 bloods went through my lungs – I’m on blood thinners and I now have what is called BOOP similar to COPD but more serious and a hiatal hernia. But I’m still going. I aim to get my spiritual material out there which costs money, but I give what I can to EO to keep it going.


Tris needs propped up at this time. So, Come on folks – let’ get behind Tris - someone prop him up under each arm and several hold his legs until he pulls through his health problems. I’d like to hear some answers in the comment section of what other people’s thoughts are on this. Tris also won’t stoop to letting advertising ruin the site. I have to admire him for this, but at the same time he’s got to be able to keep the lights on. What do you other members think about advertising? Do you want to see it on EO?

Let me hear from you and more importantly, let Tris hear from you! Give the poor guy some support right now. Isn’t that what being spiritual is all about anyway?

Norma Hickox

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Comment by Fyre Rayne on August 15, 2017 at 2:51pm

I work with non-profit organizations professionally, providing grant writing and virtual administrative services when requested and I can tell you no matter the thought or passion behind a mission, free is not sustainable. Period.

Non-profits are businesses; the profits are not directly distributed to its stakeholders, but  are reinvested into the organizational mission.  This means that the non-profit organization can and will benefit from some of the profit industries best practices. We have all heard the adage "a business that fails to plan, plans to fail."  This applies even to grassroots charitable organizations like this.

Perhaps the key is to not look at the request of supportive funds as a means of "selling-out" to the system but as a means of allowing participants the opportunity to "buy-in" to the success of the community.  The amount does not have to be exorbitant remember great achievements have been accomplished with dimes.

Since this is not a new problem, it may be time to create the necessary protocol and procedures to remedy it.  There is a trade platform allowing individuals to trade services called Simbi, this may be of interest if there are aspects of the organizational infrastructure that you are not sure how to address. Moreover, my offer of assistance still stands, the details of which are outlined in the previous email. 

Comment by cosmicplay on August 6, 2017 at 6:06am

I am actually okay with having ads on the side bar, it might be spiritually related services or perhaps grassroots or social enterprises which may appeal to some members here. If we see through the eyes of neutrality, ads are neither good or bad, they are after all similar to blogs and websites in that they bring new products/services/info into public's awareness. As always, it is up to us to make wise discernment. 

Anyway, I've just chipped in my little bit and would love to send Trish healing energy, with permission of course! Enjoy the upcoming lunar and solar eclipses all! :)

Comment by JD on August 5, 2017 at 12:25pm

First I would say I have been happy to have found this site. It is a great source and has had much nurturing and effort invested, I am sure. I am open to a path of growth, advertising to me is not. The lack of it has made a open channel to share and seek new understandings, with out unwanted distractions. It is also sad to think that the involvement of money, is the only preceded answer? I also have a wild imagination, one of my eccentric traits. While I don’t know the costs involved, in the space and services, the site pays for. Why not see what it would take to have your own storage and hosting equipment. Have community sponsor features, proposed and implemented as the community sponsors it. If the community wanted faster access or new features pay to upgrade hardware or pay to develop or code or buy software. I also am aware we as individuals can only shoulder great burdens for short times, without a large personal cost. It is almost like bail the boat or build a boat. In any out come I focus for the most benevolent outcome. And again I am thankful for use and access.

Comment by sav on August 5, 2017 at 12:15pm

Theoretically. We are free, people volunteer $ not just to discuss or post or access library, but indeed to support the whole space. That's where we are. And that is how I like it. 

Comment by sav on August 5, 2017 at 11:06am

Indeed, we tend to forget that anybody can access this information without signing on. The paying members are paying to post and chat.

Comment by sav on August 5, 2017 at 11:01am

It's interesting. The validity of what you're saying does prompt the issue in a certain direction. How would this site work as a more exclusive modus operandi than as altogether free? I'm not a Rosicrucian scholar. I can easily imagine a pay site that I don't belong to that really winnows it down to the most serious students. But the time I've spent giving spiritual therapy to people in far way places who join for some community and then never return ... i find it priceless, important, unforgettable, and no slight on this site if they don't make it back - some of these places are very repressive.

Comment by anki on August 5, 2017 at 10:12am
I wouldn't mind paying to be here but a lot can't afford it that's what worried me
Comment by sav on August 5, 2017 at 10:10am

That makes more sense contextually than the wise adage about fish and teaching men to catch rather than giving a fish dinner. The transient nature of communities was understood long before the web, where we have learned to adapt to communities in digital space while our bodies remain elsewhere. That we are inherently bound up in economic paradigms in this edition of the dream of life - no avoiding that. Free spirits and calcified thinkers alike must pay to play. However, there is no real ratio between the wisdom of those with no money seeking community and those with just enough or plenty to spare. These are good comments, and we will no doubt proceed with all these considerations in mind.

Comment by anki on August 5, 2017 at 3:03am
The site comes with a package u can't pay per app. Only theater library etc can be these costs are on the page community operations.

Adds we have thought of they don't bring nearly enough and we would like to keep the site add free because it's a spiritual sanctuary.
We have already concidered these ideas but ty all for suggesting
Comment by Norma Hickox on August 4, 2017 at 12:31pm

Hi Chuck, You're right but we don't even need half of the 13,000 members or even a fourth of them as far as that goes. If the people who have viewed this blog would all kick in a dollar I think it would cover one month. There's been 455 views. That would be $455 and I don't think one month comes to that. (Maybe I should have charged a $1.00 a view for the seeing the blog -ha ha ha.)

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