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All turtles have 13 central plates on their shell, but the plate skirt that surrounds these 13 vary from 20, to 24, and 28 plates. 13 resonates with the moon cycle, and the zodiac astro-dynamics if we consider that 12 constellations add up 13 when we count in the point where it all revolves around as well, the earth and each human on it. 28 is the number of days in one of the moon's cycles. The Earth's surface is made up of 20 main plates, we have 10+10=20 fingers plus toe's, an icosahedron is a regular polyhedron with 20 identical equilateral triangular faces, 30 edges and 12 vertices. 30 times 12 is 360 ! The 360° of the circle/sphere.

'The hidden' number 7 obtained by subtracting 13 from 20 gives us the number of continents with the 2 poles

included. 7 days of the week, 7 colors of the rainbow. 

Turtle Medicine relates to earth changes and the ability to adapt to the earth cycles and movements of the crust, influenced by bodies in the heavens, according to Barabra Handclow's book called 'Claustrophobia'.







The Earth’s energy vortexes however as being only an icosahedron is in error; the study of Russian scientists Goncharov, Morozov and Makarov showed that if we combine an icosahedron and dodecahedron together on the Earth’s surface, it is much easier to model the Earth’s structure and lines of energetic force.

This is what we see in the following map. It is important to remember here that a relatively similar formation was also seen in the study of Earth’s expansion by Dr. Spilhaus as the most recent configuration:

Goncharov, Morozov and Makarov’s icosa-dodeca grid up

If we look closely, when we add the pentagon-faced dodecahedron shape into the picture we might see why Pasichnyk concluded that there were sinusoidal or S-shaped waves between the fields of the icosahedron. If you look at the area between North / South America and Europe / Africa, you can see that the dodecahedron models the exact placement of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Furthermore, you can see that it does indeed curve and weave around the triangular lines of the icosahedron like an S-shape, crossing over at the midpoints of each line in the triangle.

In short, when we add this dodecahedron shape into the picture, we get a much firmer model of the arrangement of the continents, and we also find that almost all ancient sites of stone buildings and ceremonial centers are located along these lines as well. The Grid is simply not complete without the additional geometry being considered, as we make clear in The Shift of the Ages.


So, without a doubt the evidence is stacking up that the Earth is a giant “consciousness unit” as we have defined it, with aetheric energy streaming in and out through the poles and other vortex areas as well to support a glowing, luminous core. Both straight-lined and curving formations seem to be at work in this model. In the last chapter and the beginning of this chapter, we have made the clear suggestion that at these vortex areas, aetheric energy of a higher vibrational level is able to stream into our own reality and cause discrete changes in both space and time, affecting matter so completely that it may even disappear from us entirely.

We have clearly seen that geometry is at work in all of these processes, but we haven’t yet explained exactly how or why. We know that as the Earth expands, Dr. Spilhaus has shown that it is affected by increasingly complex geometries. However, it should be clear to us that this geometry would not simply apply to a large-scale object like the Earth; it should equally apply to “consciousness units” of all sizes. And as we will propose and clearly show, this geometry is the natural product of vibration.

Before we define exactly how geometric vibration forms, though, we will begin our next chapter by looking into more recent data that has been gleaned from observations of apparent artifacts on the planet Mars, such as a mountain that appears to be carved into the form of a human face and pyramids situated nearby. According to controversial frontier researcher Richard Hoagland and his associates in The Enterprise Mission, the “formula” for another geometric object known as a “tetrahedron” can be found in the mathematical relationships between the various formations seen in the Cydonia area. Some of this material will be repeated in a similar form as was seen in The Shift of the Ages. Then, we will proceed to illustrate how these same energetic and geometric phenomena are literally occurring on every planet throughout the entire Solar System.

11.13 RECAP

11.1 Matter is an entirely new “entity” in the model we propose in this book; Shnoll’s findings show its integration with the movements of the celestial bodies around it.

11.2 The vortex anomalies of the ‘Consciousness Unit’ show themselves in space and time as we have previously discussed, taking up the form of a luminous spherical torus.

11.3 All space, all time and all “dimensional levels” are simply different forms of one unified vibrating aetheric energy source. The icosahedral formation shows where a majority of these energy “pressures” are emerging on Earth. Sanderson and Pasichnyk’s work, when combined, shows how truly all-encompassing the connections are.

11.4 Counter-rotational vortex movement is seen at each point of the icosahedron-shaped energy field in the Earth.

11.5 When the facts are clearly shown, it certainly appears that the core of the Earth is actually made of “glowing magnetism,” “undifferentiated solar matter” or “precipitated” aetheric energy, which we have called Loving, Conscious Light.

11.6 The “dynamo” model for the generation of Earth’s magnetic field at the core has many obvious flaws. Most importantly, current scientists don’t realize that magnetism can take up the form of a spherical torus without having to pass through another material.

11.7 The behavior of the P-waves and S-waves that move through the Earth can be re-interpreted as passing through a core of luminous energy.

11.8 Energy is seen to flow in and out of the Earth’s polar regions. Furthermore, earthquake waves will travel faster when moving from north to south than they will when traveling from east to west, which also supports the idea that the spiraling, vortex movement of the CU is at work in the Earth.

11.9 Twelve different Earth anomalies support the new model: 1) auroral activity associated with magnetism and solar activity; 2) curtain-shaped auroras at the poles; 3) Earth’s core being too hot for metallic magnetism; 4) the eclipse anomalies of magnetism; 5) eclipse anomalies of gravity; 6) tilt of Earth’s magnetic field; 7) changes in the length of the day with solar activity; 8) changes in magnetism with solar activity; 9) polar wander, reversals and jerks; 10) icosahedral magnetic anomalies; 11) gravity’s role as a geometric, structural force; and 12) plasma wind coming up from the earth’s poles.

11.10 Christopher Otto Hilgenberg showed that that the continents on Earth can be seamlessly fitted together like a jigsaw puzzle if the Earth’s size is reduced by 55 to 60 percent. This suggests that the Earth is actually undergoing a continual rate of expansion.

1. The most popular scientific theory at present is known as “Plate Tectonics,” which models the continents on an Earth that is unchanging in its physical size.

2. No definitive evidence of “subduction zones” has ever been found on Earth. We can easily model Earth’s expansion, but not subduction.

3. The conclusions of the “plate tectonics” model were based on an incomplete set of data.

4. The mainstream scientific community rejects the new theory because matter is not “supposed to” expand and they feel that the data to prove this is incomplete.

5. Maxlow reveals that all the most recent, cutting-edge knowledge only supports the Earth Expansion theory further.

6. The original oceans were shallow areas that formed on the continents themselves, and as the Earth expanded in size, so too did the amount of atmosphere and water increase. Later we will see that according to Dr. Dmitriev’s research, such spontaneous changes in atmosphere are indeed occurring right now throughout the Solar System at a measurable rate, not just on the Earth.

7. A summary statement of the arguments for Global Expansion Tectonics is given. Vogel suggests that “An accordance of these three phenomena cannot be accidental, [but are due to] processes operating from within the interior of the Earth resulting in Earth expansion.”

Dr. Spilhaus up



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