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If you focus on an object or idea long enough, you will come to understand the aspects and characteristics deeply enough that the process will shed light on corresponding aspects of yourself. As above so below.
On the grand scale of things, this is evident when considering the universe, nature, and humankind.
This appears to me as a core tenant of esoteric teachings, regardless of the label, lineage, or culture that the path work originated.
I would make the argument now that the middle is left out and we have accepted only two points really on that trajectory. The individual and the universe.
Two points that are focused upon, but that's all.
It's great that there are even two points for consideration, but like any progression, there are steps that exist between those two points.
And every step is important.
Which leads me into my core thought here.
If you watch, consider, and espouse, to an obsessive degree, that there are tyrants in the world, it's only a matter of time before you take on the very characteristics of a "tyrant".
Thus the prevailing mindset of "victim".
Now how can I make this association? Pretty simple, there is no tyrant if there is no victim.
It's polarity. The thing now is that the tyrant has fallen (or maybe not depending on your political discourse), but for sure the victim has risen (many, many victims).
Some are authentic, many are not.
It's almost as if, the tyranny of the small has been transferred to the many via the shallow indulgence of "playing" the victim.
While the voices of those authentic victims are watered down.
The tyranny still exists, its just been passed down and rebranded.
If there is an inevitable release of information, say in a war, pertaining to the operations of one side of the conflict, what's the best counteraction against this release?
Misinformation. Make the water dark and muddy.
So while we focus on those two points and that line, we forget that history and lineage filled with curves and sharp turning points that brought us to THIS point.
This history carries momentum, and its our job to steer it not be run over by it.

The Individual Is Paramount
As Within So Without

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