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U.S. Copyright Law Violation on

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DATE: February 2, 2014

FROM: Janet Mills

Amber-Allen Publishing, Inc.

P.O. Box 6657

San Rafael, CA 94903


TO: Designated Copyright Agent for

RE: Serious Violation of U.S. Copyright Law on website

Please be advised that a number of books published by Amber-Allen Publishing, Inc. are currently being

offered as free downloads on This is a serious violation of the U.S. Copyright Law and

penalties for each such infringement could amount to $150,000 per title.

Each of these publications displays a copyright notice, and the person(s) or parties responsible for offering

these works as free downloads have not been authorized to make use of these copyrighted works.

Demand is hereby made that all of the following links, or any other links offering any part of the following

copyrighted works be immediately removed from

Dreams Evolution and Value Fulfillment Volume I:


Dreams Evolution and Value Fulfillment Volume II:


The Nature of Personal Reality:


The Nature of Personal Reality:


The Nature of Personal Reality:



The Nature of Personal Reality:


Education of Oversoul Seven:


The Way Towards Health:


The Unknown Reality Volume II:


The Individual and The Nature of Mass Events:


The Magical Approach:


Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul:


Thank you for your prompt and careful attention to this matter.

Sincerely yours,

Janet Mills

Amber-Allen Publishing Inc.


Phone: 415-499-5785

cc: Law Offices of Jonathan Kirsch

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