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It isn't that spiritual complexity cannot have or demand economic value. Any practitioner might hold a degree of economic value.
It is that such practices and materials must allow for the initiative of those who not only express interest in a good or service, but also show the completion of such beginnings by deepening the social value of a product or service.
If one purely cuts out from the economic, they only edit themselves out of purchasing power and thus choice. However, it is not the purchasing power but capability to introduce methods and means into society. That is what is lost if a spirituality enacts economic value without discernment.
Equally however, the opposite is equally plausible. A spiritual system that gives fully freely faces the reality of self-support and the drain of freeloading. Thus the necessity of any spiritual system is initiation. the ability to prove one will not only utilize an ability, but develop it further in alternate streams of activity.
Charity isn't for the purpose of judgement, but it can only be made within ones ability to sustain action.  Thus, initiation is either the base of a community, the moments that allow engagement among relative strangers.  Otherwise, initiation is the ability to see synergy and then proceed with a mutually uplifting action.  The master is a companion, where basic ability is the question, each day one must seek at least the first moments of exploration and drive.  The charity is the community itself, but the effort was always personal integrity of form, self-mastery in each moment. 
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