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From Ramsey Dukes' YouTube Channel:

There has been a spate of news stories about recent research into the relationship between the growing size and complexity of human societies, and the rise of all-seeing vengeful gods. See  for example.

It is easy to see how belief in an all-seeing god can be a powerful incentive to moral behaviour, and so it could strengthen the society. There is also a general feeling that, with the breakdown in religious belief, today’s society could be becoming less moral.

In contrast, I quote from an Economist review of the “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism” and recent stories about the power of AI in surveillance. Where might this be taking us?

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Comment by JJ on April 16, 2019 at 2:37am

Personally I think it's always been like this, problem is the Earth is more populated therefore you see more stupidity. One line of thought is reality doesn't exist on Earth the only thing we can absolutely see is appearance and opinion. Reality is perceived from another realm and few know true reality even then only understood in parts. I am currently in the process of proving this and have noticed it as probable truth. I've looked into those with both high and primitive intellect and noticed the reality they perceive makes the coarse of their life unfold. Also there seems to be another law working concerning error and destiny. Those that are in error are countered by Judgement... There are other things, one example being the Earth works against man that pushes destiny. If there was no push there would be no growth to a perceived end. The vengeful gods may very well be manifestation of Divine Judgement the lesser gods stemming from the All yet there is the opposing force which seems at odds with the higher energies. Once the phenomena is realized equilibrium is essential to the individual to sustain the cycle to completion. Religion on the other hand seems to be a moral compass of sort, the thought doesn't diminish its place in society.

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