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Vibrations and meaning of numbers - [4]

horizontal line [ 4, 5, 6 ]

(in the square with numbers, there are diagonals, verticals and horizontal that represent different elements and colours)

This line is totally connected with element Earth; the colors are green and all shades of green –from dark to pale. It represents the human aspects of understanding earth, animals and all creations in physical matter- visible dimensions. It has also healing and protecting energy [ 5 ]

This line is lead by arch. Raphael, Ariel, Hanniel; it represents the love for the nature, plants, flowers, working with earth; the health of the physical and emotional body, land work; Qualities of these numbers –specially 4 -6 are compassion, care, gentleness, grounding, nature love, empathy, connection with earth, open heart; These numbers are most connected with the physical earth plane, and sometimes are over-attached to material possessions.

Number [ 4 ]

This number vibrates with the amazing calming energy of dark green color (malachite, green quartz, green moss agate). Its number of calmness and balance, of earth energy and roots; It belongs to the sub-element Fruit and Tree in the nature classification of elements. It can be represented by the branches and stem of the cosmic Tree. The animal is elephant; The sacred geometry forms of 4 are square, transforming cube, four pointed star. This number has energy of the elementals gnomes, who take care of the earth and its resources. In the advanced stage of human race, humans will also become passionate caretakers of the earth. This number represents the sense hearing and the left ear of the universe. 4 contains four times the air element – leaves of the trees need sun light and air, and produce for us oxygen, so important for our life; it also contains water element -2 – two times. Trees and plants on earth need to drink water from the deep soil, rain and natural basins, in order to survive. This is the number of spiritual listening and clairalience. The first sense developed in the human is sense of hearing. By catching sounds and tunes from the atmosphere, children start to imitate and produce sounds and words back. First priority in learning any language is listening. You cant start speaking before you know how to listen. 4 is careful listening to the sounds of the nature and earth. It vibrates also with color deep brown. The arch. In charge of 4 is Raphael. 4 is also connected with the 4 directions (east, west, south, north), four basic elements; four seasons and cycles in the natural flow. It`s number of stability, material possessions, integrity, love to nature, love living in the nature; agriculture work, animals rights. The value of any human starts from the care for animals; we cant develop good and consciousness society, if we don’t love and take care of the animals.

The weak qualities (human) of the 4 are: isolation, not stable, loneliness, depression, broken heart, back pain, insatiable, greed for material possessions, lack of compassion, lack of love, lack of understanding; Belonging to Heart chakra and needs regular healing of the heart. People with number four in birth date would increase their luck with an wooden statue of elephant (or other animal) in their space (placed in south-east), wearing wooden bracelet or necklace.

Abide in divine Light! 

nina Nour 

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