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I want to Help people learn how to share knowledge, skills and opportunity. This is done buy only volunteer involvement. Done with LOVE. Locally Organized Volunteer Efforts. This is a tailored fit in every case, every community. I have compiled programs to help chronicle and share knowledge skills and ideas. For the young and or eager seekers can ASK elders who are willing to share. I have put music, art and any skills that come to mind, as examples on the System OS. It is all open source and is free to all. It would have like a taking stick counsel, made from community members. A new 1st speaker is to start with the stick at each meeting. The stick is passed to all members with voice. I have a file that is a disk image that can be put on a DVD disc or USB drive. It is a very large file do to all the programs. Providing the Operating System is volunteered to help facilitate sharing in others that would but for the opportunity.

I have many ideas already written down but not very organized. More like talking to myself.

Any feedback or ides to my approach would be greatly appreciated and pondered.

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Comment by JD on May 7, 2017 at 12:49pm

Thanks for the reflection on this. I would welcome all input and hope to add more to reflect on. :)

Comment by sav on May 7, 2017 at 11:57am

My immediate response is that volunteers make the world go round. Kind of like love itself. 

Independent musicians, students, teachers, public interest workers, healers, humble helpers we never know about ... and many more ... have been necessary, and now governments are underscoring that we are more necessary than ever.

So don't be afraid to post some more. Perhaps we can help organize your notes.

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