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Wallstreet - from the Shadow encyclopedia, book Revelations

Inside the streets only created for greed

The line went only up

To fall back down

I saw the graph be upside down and the arrow pointing down

The walls on the street turn red and each door with a cross

For no longer you shall own and no longer they shall pay.

The world you created is to crash down with vengeance.


See now the suits begging for more

And see them crawl on their knees

For no longer shall the wallet rule the world

From now on a mark is to be put on your arm.

And a code it shall have that you are to use

The Wall Street shall no longer exist 

From the year 2013, the month of nine. 

Chaos and mayhem there shall be

In all the corners of this street.

For the rich shall become the poor.


A new age is dawning for us all

there shall be destruction only to create.

wisdom will be thought by killing stupidity.

Fear shall rule over loneliness. 


A brother shall kill the brother for bread

For no longer the stores

Will be filled with riches

They shall be empty as a black bag of souls. 


It pains me to see how low many have fallen

To scream and yell with paper money

Buy buy buy. Sell sell sell.

Nothing is left inside but greed.


See now the mother sell her child for honey.

Poor little boy begging for bread

See the daughter killed for honor

And her husband paid for murder.


Blood is on our  hands people

With blood we paid to own a land

With oil people are rewarded by fools.

One day  bronze god is praised

And another he hides in a hole underneath.


You hung him for his faith

And you decided their choices.

No man has the right to kill

Not even the one’s who deserve to be killed.


I am the only judge and executioner, the me myself and I

I decide your task and I make it end.

The i within you and all around you. 

The end is only a beginning

And the beginning has no end.

A circle vicious of fire and ice.

How many times you have to die

To learn not to kill.


How many times do you have to hurt,

So you stop making a child cry,

No children are to be bought and sold.


How I pity some souls

So lost and so wrong.

You ignored the signs send to you

And now you’ll be blinded forever

Inside your own fire of pain.


No hell and no heaven shall exist for you

Only a life of fire with no end. 

Lost you shall fly above the lands once yours. 

Cry you shall above the love you lost.


For one thing you never understood

There is no hell and there is no heaven

There is only here and now.

All is one and one is all.

It is all one circle of existence.

Creation is eternally created breath by breath

with the only purpose to experience creation. 


A creation of love and kindness.

It is made to love each other

You lived to kill and rape. 


Oh my holly mother see the messenger dyeing.

I am so sorry that we put you through this hell.

I am sorry you came in a land of fools.

You are so very early for this game of men. 


I now apologize to you for having you die for them again.

You shall tell them all your wisdom

And they shall hate you for it. 

They shall hunt you down for knowing more.

Your knowledge cant save you from the hell you are in.


Look now at the earth you live in.

How beautiful it was.

See the greens and the blues.

See the ocean pour clean

With all the creatures deep inside

And all the birds and all the mammals

See how pure it was before you came.

It is all about your destiny and how you live it.

The life you lead decides the level of growth you shall achieve.

The heretics shall be right and the believers wrong.

It is one and the same anyway. 


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