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So I brought up the archetypes of the warrior and the farmer. And I can sit here and describe these archetypes to you, and give my limited perception of how they fit into our current social situation.
But I am missing the point. The objective.
What this is honestly, is ME working through stuff. That's all this is.
And hopefully it can help others.
So, lets cut to the chase and say what needs to be said.
My words from the warrior:

I see you lurking behind the vegetation, using the camouflage of our surroundings.
Lurking, watching me. Always following. But now you have adapted.
No longer is the camouflage an aspect of natural creation. It's now created for this very intent.
Confusion and attention drama. I have lost sight. I have no mission, no path.
Now I unleash on everything to attempt to reduce the cannon fodder of ambiguity and discover my target.
My objective. That which must be conquered. Destruction. Death. And you are in my way.
You will be removed by either of the following means: physically, socially, or emotionally.
Either way the target will be dealt with.
And then my mission will be fulfilled. Until I am handed another.
This process will never change. Too many life's have been surrendered already.
It was passed down to me, and I will pass onto my sons.
Try something, I will bring down the entirety of my lineage on to you, my enemy.
I have silenced the pain.

The Individual Is Paramount
As Within So Without

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