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I like simple, and I like things I can relate to. Ideas and concepts that I can "test" or "feel" out by applying them to my own life. Events that I have experienced, to test the idea or this case the archetype.
There's two archetypes that resonate with me now, that I will share.
Both have been a part of my life, literally, for quite a while.
Then I read this article discussing these archetypes in more depth, and I began to remember that for which I had forgotten.
Now I am considering them more now, and this will be a brief introduction on my thoughts and surely more will follow.
One thing I would like to emphasize from my own personal beliefs, it that any effort that someone can apply to the better understandment of self is not wasted. This is simple and true.
In these times I am compelled to repeat this over and over again, emphatically. Meditation, mindfulness of waking action/emotion, and objective self-evaluation is really all you need. If the goal is that of self improvement, what better instrument of work is there than the very actor that produces the result!

Alright, alright, sermon is over. 
The basics of this is that the warrior responds to external influences, and so reacts.
But he/she also responds to the orders of the "commander" or "captain".
Who is the commander? Well, whoever you say it is. Could be a person, or it could be goal. Or it could be an ethos you use to shape your everyday actions.

The farmer works the land. What is the land? Metaphorically this can be anything. Any "field" of expertise or experience. You could also consider that the "land" is an area in your life that you feel needs improvement.
From the farmers perspective, this "land" has boundaries. Because there are limited resources and time in the day to commit to the land. But it is the "land" that is worked nonetheless.

So while the archetypes of the warrior and farmer are sources of complete solutions to every problem, one can start to see the differences in how they approach life. We need both.

But in my humble opinion, one should strive for more farmer like actions rather than warrior like actions.
And this to me is very practical and proactive approach to things.
Rather than wait for the "enemy" to attack (or to engage forthrightly), plant seeds and build relationships.

I believe that we (human kind) should be moving to more of the farmer archetype.
The builders, the innovators, the artists, the creators, the humanitarians.
But balance is key. The world is not a homogeneous mixture.
Thus, the warrior and the farmer....

The Individual Is Paramount
As Within So Without

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