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Western Three-fold Aspects

This is my humble attempt to join the western three fold aspects from various sources into a matrix grid for easy reference. I hope you find this graphing beneficial, please add any other examples you see are missing or could be included. Enjoy!

Element Fire Air Water
Alchemy Sulphur Mercury Salt
Hebrew Shin Aleph Mem
Symbol Upward Triangle Hexagram Downward Triangle
Quality Motion Balance Inertia
Power Penetrating Equalizing Yielding
Gender Male Androgyne Female
Family Father Child Mother
Color Red Yellow Blue
Metallic Golden Variegated Silvery
Tarot Judgement The Fool The Hanged Man
Greek IOA Alpha(First) Iota(Middle) Omega(Last)
Trinity Father Holy Spirit Son
Gunas To Be Active To Be Wise To Be Still
Essence Soul Spirit Body
Geometry Triangle Circle Square
Tree of Life Chockmah Keter Binah
Temperature Hot Warm/Cool (subjective) Cold

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Comment by neophyte on July 13, 2018 at 4:56am

Another, although it would truly be a Quadruplicity, is that of Matter: Solid, Liquid and Gas.

Applying heat energy to any solid melts the solid to a new state of liquid; more heat applied boils the liquid to a gas vapour. There is the triplicity but further heating of a gas in a closed container may produce the 4th state of matter - plasma, which is seen very rarely in normal earth conditions.

Comment by neophyte on July 10, 2018 at 8:43am

Two more for possible consideration:

Numerical Trinity: 0,1,Infinity (for every value of x, 1->infinity: 1/x, 1, x, - 1 being the Source). There are infinite number of these values either side of 1 in the ranges 0-1 and 1-infinity.

Charge Trinity (I would call a duplicity) of Proton, Neutron, Electron or +ve, neutral, -ve charge. Neutron is Source as they decay (half life around 10.5 minutes) to a Proton and an Electron and Antineutrino.

The proton half-life is estimated at 10 to the power 31 years or roughly a hundred, billion, billion, times older than our physical universe!

Comment by neophyte on July 9, 2018 at 3:35am

Hi Tris, I have been spending a deal of time lately considering the geometric aspects of the Void, Unity, Duality, Trinity, Quadruplicity, Hexagon and Circle/Cuboctahedron (including  both 7 and 8, 9 and 12/13) and notice a point of potential confusion regarding Duality and Triplicity. A Duality can appear as a Triplicity if you also consider the centre/point of balance on the 'line' of the Duality's extremes. but i believe these are of a different nature to 'true' Triplicities. The Dualities are spectra emanating from a single centre out in only 2 opposing directions (single dimension) while a Trinity has 3 rays of emanation originating from a centre (not confined to one dimension). With the former you can only move along a line with the latter you can move about a plane.

Using this logic i would question the hot/tepid/cold triplicity or suggest there equally be a wet/humid?/dry triplicity.

Would there be a triplicity comprising Sun, Moon and... (Earth?)

Which triplicity corresponds to the Astrologic Cardinal/Mutable/Fixed properties?

Regarding the colour triplicity, humans have a triplicity of light receptors in each eye that allows us to see all colour combinations as varying degrees of each - they are most responsive to red, green and blue, we don't have a yellow receptor. The magenta (red), yellow and cyan (blue) triplicity are used to create all colours, while the red, green and blue triplicites describe the colours we see as reflections by means of our eyes - they are subtractive colours as 'adding' them together equally gives near black - no colour.


Comment by anki on August 26, 2012 at 7:51am

awesome. thank u for sharing

Comment by Caleb Grayson on August 24, 2012 at 9:37pm

Comment by Caleb Grayson just nowDelete Comment


I have this book The Magician's Companion that goes through all the Magical Models by number:
0 - The Void

1 The One

2 - Dualities

3- Trinities 

4 - the 4 Elements, The 4 Worlds of the Hopi

5 - the 5 Elements of Akasha, Hindu Tattwas, Tibetan Elements, Chinese Wu-Hsing Elements

al the way to 91 - The Enochian Watchtowers, Hierarchies, and Subæthyrs

skipping 11, 13,15,17-19,23,25-27,29,31,33-35,37-41,43-63,65-71,73-80,and 81-90 as if there are no models around that number.

so, after looking at the model of the Trinities, much of what you have here corresponds. this brings up two interesting topics of pondering.  the first is emanation in order from Void through 1, 2, 3 ,4 5,...91...extreme particularity VS. a co-arising of all models as thus indeed they are nested or all coexistent.  I'm thinking of an emanation like Bruno/Coleridge where say Spirit is split into Spirit and Soul and then Spirit splits again into Fire and Air and Soul splits into Water and Earth — all emanating from Spirit, but at say the 4th level we call Spirit Fire in order to distinguish it from the rest.  for example:

One—> yang —> Fire   —> Aires

                                   \—> Leo

                                   \—> Sagittarius

     \—> yin   —> Water —> Cancer

                                    \—> Scorpio

                                    \—> Pisces

                    \—> Air     —> Gemini

                                    \—> Libra

                                    \—> Aquarius

                    \—> Earth —> Taurus

                                    \—> Virgo

                                    \—> Capricorn

here Aries is the same as Fire and yang and The One, but Aries is different in that it's identity is in relation to a 12 Model instead of a 1 Model as found in The One or a 2 Model of yin/yang.  

so, while this may seem a little nit-picky on my part, I think it becomes problematic to use something like Aries interchangeably with Fire.  When talking about a 4 Element Model, only the categories in the 4 should be used.   I wouldn't want to say "Aries, Water, Air, Earth" or "Yang, Water, Air, Earth".  If you agree,  then the thought i'd like input on is when are we crossing categories?  In your chart, for example, I see the Up Triangle and the Down Triangle as in a different category than the hexagram.  however, as i think you were pointing out, the center is the source of the left and right.  this is a different form of emanation that the one where the center say would 'split' into left and right but still be in say the left column like how Aries is the Same as Fire and the same as Yang and the Same as The One and the same as The Void, only different in relation to a different level of emanation or particularity.  

So, to use Fire, Air, and Water without Earth is referring to a different Fire, Air, Water, a Trinity of Elements vs. a Quaternary of Elements.  Is that true or are they the same elements just one is missing in the Trinity vs the Quaternary?

(i hope this isn't taking away from your original post!!)


Comment by ☤Tris☤ on August 24, 2012 at 5:45pm

Hi Caleb, thanks for the comment - that's why I listed them as such, so when looking at the Alchemical associations, Air is indeed in the same place as the Hexagram. Try to consider the aspects vertically, looking right up the middle. The Triangles and Hexagrams were listed as general symbols, the Alchemical symbol when used in the Four-fold aspect indeed has a line through it.

The other confusion as you mentioned and I believe is attributed to the fact you are mentioning the Western Four-fold system, as apposed to the three. As the cosmic emanations proceed and manifest outward, they expand from one, to two, to three, to four, to five with the inclusion of the Alchemical Quintessence - altering the associations. They still will correspond, just differently. Earth is not listed, because the three had not come together yet to make the four ;) Consider the four has all of the three and more, on down and up. This is the Tria Prima, or Prime Matter.

I'm working on a four fold one for us to work off of as well, and will post when it's about done, should help.

Thanks again

Comment by Caleb Grayson on August 24, 2012 at 4:51pm

i believe Air is the Upward Triangle with a line in it, not the hexagram which is the combination of Air and Earth.  Also, i believe the Essence of Fire is spirit, Air mind, Water soul, and Earth body.  i'm curious as to why Earth is not on the list and think perhaps that is the reason for the odd variations i'm noticing. like..Square is Earth and Water is Circle. 

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