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Life seems to be more like a cycle then a season.
Today most biological scientist contemplate on,

when and how life started and led to our evolving.

Others from a view of their religion may feel it started when God made it so.

And while either and both may be true.

It may be that all is life.

If we and all forms of being are life,

then there is no end only new cycles of form.

Each form a chrysalises or stepping stone for the next.

This is happening at all levels or scales.

From the universal,made of galactic,made of cosmic,star and planetary.

To the more recognizable flora and fauna.

Then on to the microscopic and then the molecular and then the atomic and subatomic.

Do we then go to like the microcosmic level?

But all life just the same.

Thanks for looking in.

Many you have form to your focus.

JustDreams of a Talking Stick

Namaste JD

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