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Your Light Body is not only inside of you, it is also outside of you of course.12-1/2 million years ago, when we chose the road of polarity and duality and disconnected from Christ Consciousness, our Light Currents were decreased from 100% to a mere 3%. And our Higher Mental Bodies had to take apart, dismantled, patterns of our Light Body from our inner Light Body.

Parts of that Light Body that were disconnected were taken up the Life-stream into the
Higher Mental Body.

Two of the most important houses of the I am star seed :

1. House of RA (House of Light / House of the Father)
2. House of the ROSE (House of the Mother)

Your Light Body is inside your physical body, yet it is also outside your physical body, and there is a point that is 8” above the Crown, that is the apex.
In the palms of the feet (at the center of the palms, there is a Point of Light) and from those 2 Points of Light, angling down, they meet at a point 8” below the feet forming an apex.

From that point comes up a great angulated golden Line of Force that extends about 8” beyond the farthest reach as you extend the right arm out straight, there it angulates and begins to angle upwards to the Point of Light 8” above the Crown chakra.
From there another golden Line of Force extends to about 8” beyond the farthest reach of your extended left hand. From there it extends down to the Point of Light 8” beyond
the feet.

That part of your Light Body holds together the Magnetic Belts of your Feeling Body. That is in place!The part that disconnected in this decision that was made 12-1/2 million years ago,
parts of your Light Body which was your conceptual interface with “Magical Miracle Instantaneous Creative Reality Making”, that engine of your Light Body had to be removed, because you chose in this estrange Experience called duality to loose that GIFT! (Part of restoring this was the CALL to those in the House of Ra, the House of Light, for the
forming again of the double terminated Star of David).

That part of the Light Body gave you Interdimensional Interface, where the Christ Mind knew instantly that everything was a PATTERN OF ENERGY, and you could open doors!

The movie ‘THE MATRIX’
(Mighty Patterns of Energy ~ Constructing REALITY)
You can go into the MATRIX. The MATRIX is the Patterns of Energy, and when you are inside the MATRIX there are many doors that take you to another
Line of Force, and another one…There are doors that take you into the MATRIX and out of the MATRIX – so every thought would impact the MATRIX, and the MATRIX he experienced kept changing according to his conception of his reality!Won’t it be fun in 2014 to go into the MATRIX of Earth and change everything?

…about the collapsing of the old archetype energies because the NEW archetype
energies are being introduced, and are taking roots into the minds of constructive individuals everywhere!!! (scientists, doctors, engineers, artists, etc).
The NEW is coming everywhere, and everyone is getting pieces of it!

Your Inner Light Body is connected to aspects of your Outer Light Body – which connects your mental, feeling, and physical garments altogether, so you have one MAGNIFICENT Light Body!

The Light Body is that Magnificent Pattern of Energy created by your Creator, out of which
the mental, physical and feeling bodies come forth!

How is it possible? Because you are in an elemental Planet.

LIGHT BODY (Source Body)

1. Mental Body
2. Physical Body
3. Feeling Body
Inside these 3 bodies there is a force, a MAGNETIC FORCE, that holds it all together.

Your WILL is that force that holds everything together in your mental, physical and feeling bodies.That WILL is also holding your core perceptions, your believes, the discord that has not been let go off yet, your emotions, anything that you compelled that magnetic force to
register!Everything that you INTENSELY think and feel registers into the magnetic force, and holds it in place.

Your Light Body is made out of thousands of Points of Light. Some of these Points of Light
are there to connect the Golden Lines of Force.

Other Points of Light are greater and have a magnificent responsibility of Governing
Intelligence.In the human body the minor Points of Light are the skeletal points, everywhere that bones (Lines of Force) connect.

Then there are secondary Points of Light that have to do with the central nerve system. Another level of Points of Light has to do with the lymph system…and these layers keep moving up and up, until you finally have the higher intelligence Points of Light of which every organ of your body has one or more. For instance, the lungs have 2 Points of Light and
they are major.

The brain has 5, of which 3 of them pertain to the pituitary gland, pineal gland, and the brain stem.
So the Points of Light have various functions.When the Christ Current is flowing 100% through the Light Body, the various Points of Light and their functions will be in various sizes. Some of these Points will be the size of a kernel of rice, others who have a major function to them such as brain function, heart function (the Heart has 7 major Points of Light) are more the size of a small round grape, your concord grape, that is the ideal.

Now, what is the present state of the Points of Light in the Light Body?The larger ones, no larger than a grain of sand.
Why? Because there is only 3% of the Christ Current that is passing through!
So, what is that Christ Current? Is the Electronic Current inside the center of White Light that you see in the Chart of the I am Presence, descending from the Heart of the I AM PRESENCE to the outer self.

As this Electronic Current makes contact with the Crown Chakra (major Point of Light) does it begin to distribute it through the Light Body.

What are these Points of Light? They are miniature electrons.

What happens when they explode? When they do explode the impact of the Light they give off is great.

What is the difference between the explosion of an atom and that of an electron? You can only explode an atom once, where as an electron you can explode over and over and over!

The electron every time you turn it on will explode. Every time you work with the Christ Current you are turning up the Light in the Light Body.

When those electrons, the Points of Light in the Light Body, explode the explosion
is so horrendous, the impact of that explosion is so great that the radiation (the effect) of the Christ Light pierces through the membrane into the mental, physical and feeling bodies.
The Christ Light, the Electronic Force, that is the Father Energy.

Now, what is sitting inside the mental, physical, and feeling body?

What’s holding everything together? The Magnetic Force, the Mother Energy.

When the blast takes place and all the electrons are exploding LIGHT, that blast is so great, that radiation of that blast is such a pressure that when it breaks through into the mental, physical, and feeling bodies - the Magnetic Force inside these 3 bodies holding everything in place, senses the LIGHT coming in and SHE (the Mother Energy) opens to receive the incoming ELECTRONIC LIGHT!...and SHE wants to, because the Magnetic Force loves to unite with the Electronic Force because it is the Electronic Force that gives ILLUMINATION to everything that SHE is holding!

The IMPACT is so sudden – the Magnetic Force, sensing the incoming Radiation of the Christ Light IMMEDIATELY opens – you have 3 seconds!In that 3 seconds, the Magnetic Force in the Mind, Body and Feelings opening to the incoming / the turning of the LIGHT on, in those 3 seconds any imperfection the Magnetic Force is holding is thrown off!!!(That’s why the importance of the VIOLET FLAME, 15 mins/day, and ask your Christ Self to ensure that the Violet Flame is anchored in your Earthly Garments all the way through your ASCENSION!).
Because when that Magnetic Force opens to receive the incoming Christ Light, SHE will naturally throw off the imperfections that are at the surface, generally the ones that you are dealing with.

And as those imperfections are thrown off, the VIOLET FLAME will take care of them,
consume them, and return them to the Universe!

And now that Light of Christ Consciousness can stay on in the Points of Light, and that
Light can pass through into the Mental, Feeling, and Physical body, the Magnetic Force is anchoring that LIGHT, and for the first time you are turning on the LIGHT inside your Mind, Body and Feelings directly from the SOURCE of your 3 bodies, which is your LIGHT BODY!!!
Now, I realize:
The SOURCE of my Mental, Physical, and Feeling body is my LIGHT BODY!
The SOURCE of the Christ Current that passes through the LIGHT BODY is my “I AM Presence”.

This Christ Current is presently down to a mere 3%.If you use the violet flame for 15 minutes a day you can start calling the Christ Current .

From the workshop THE MAGIC PRESENCE “I AM” Ministries

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