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Is it me or is "occult" knowledge being sought out more?
I'm a rookie when it comes to the subject in general, but I do have quite a bit of life experience.
What I see is a general movement to that which was "hidden" is now being published freely.
I will say that I am grateful for avenues for exploration, such as this website :-), but I am wondering what others thing with regards to the general movement (if this is so) of the occult being presented to the masses?

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Comment by Chris Kelley on March 28, 2017 at 9:00pm

So the pendulum swings away from science and atheism. Its definitely accelerated in the last 100 years or so in favor of science. I'm wondering what the "swingback" for lack of better term, will bring.

Comment by sav on March 27, 2017 at 9:25am

The field is big, and cuz i like this topic, here's more: Enough people of all ages know about their pineal gland for it to be even taken for granted (as knowledge) in plenty of circles. This alone points to elf-knowledge of the body, as traveled from the East, we just didn't have before, occult or not. I did not grow up with Elvis, but I do study him and his period. So when an early '60s movie soundtrack of his has a very lame song - gently satirizing the kooky craze - "Yoga Is As Yoga Does" - well, that's all Elvis's Hollywood producers had to say about it. And today I picked up Hemingway's A Movable Feast to exactly the right page: 

{someone is mistaken on the street}

"Don't be a silly ass," my friend said. "That's Aleister Crowley, the diabolist. He's supposed to be the wickedest man in the world"

"Sorry," I said.

Comment by sav on March 21, 2017 at 5:52am

Before the internet, the occult was presented to the masses through horror movies. Comic books, H.P. Lovecraft, Vincent Price - "whaddya want for Christmas, Skippy?" "That big anthology of Elvira's devil lore!" "Oh honey, that's not in the spirit of Jesus." "But Mom, all my friends have it!"

So it's better that the spectrum has opened up. Serious info is added to the cultural polarity between more superficial rituals and disciplined combinations that invite the mystical into the rational scheme. In Tibet the Lamas are uploading ancient texts onto the computer for preservation but also because the secrets have to come out, even with the risk of mass misinterpretation. 

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