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                                                               When West Meets East

When East meets West, and West meets East
We’ll put the guns down in a circle, have a world-wide feast
When West meets East, and East meets West
Holding hands around the world, that business is the best

I’m in a hurry to get this planet straight. Don’t wanta wake up screaming, “It’s too late!”
I got to re-lax, just like Buddha on the hill. If nothing else can change the world, then Nothing is what will.

When East meets West and West meets East we’ll join together in a circle – have a world-wide feast … When West meets East and East meets West –
Shaking hands and shuffling feet, say, business is the best!

Money talks/ kick-back box/ If you wanna heal it/ don’t conceal it
Everybody owns up/ in the eyes of god/ Greedy hypocrite/ is gonna play the odds
At this juncture
All sins forgiven
One world rhythm
Anywhere anyhow
Follow the Tao
Alpha Beta
Truth and wonder
Bubbling under
And when it hits the top, war will stop, war will stop
War will stop to keep the market in op

Don’t you worry ’bout what the bigots say – they’re going to miss the good time,

Some big shots may be out to stop the global drift,

But no one stops the wind when it decides to shift.

When West Meets East, and East Meets West we’ll put the food out in a circle, have a world-wide Fest.
When East meets West, and West Meets East – feeling love around the world, with everyone you meet

funky hymnal by john savlove/SaveLove Music/ASCAP 2003

13 years later, I would have to say that I understand why my teachers advised me to retain my idealism. All things are possible. The process to make the world economy based on peace - and co-habitation with Mother Nature - is a lengthy one. This isn't one of my best songs, but I pasted this off my website where it's there for a reason - to promise bubbly danceable optimism, ideas as slogans, even if it never gets produced it still exists as an integer pulling the center towards civilized fun.

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