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"All truths are but half truths"
The other half that is missing is YOU.

The thought or emotion is only the starting point.
First accept that, then seek to the find its origin.
It's the associations and links that are important, because it's through those paths or roads that the traveler walks, that the thought or emotion (starting point) becomes made conscious, fully conscious.

Its the heroes journey. There is an initial glimmer of something that is profound, or perhaps nagging, popping up in personal thought or revealing itself through cycles of behavior. The pattern of repeating decisions that wears many disguises.

These aspects are both enemy and savior.
At the beginning they appear as enemy encouraging battle.
But this is part of the path. The transformation.
And it's usually when the battle is completely lost, and the thought of struggle has been laid down, a new perspective arises.

Then that which once was enemy, has now been remembered as a teacher, and presently accepted as a savior.
A new perspective is achieved through the integration and unfolding of the individual.

One thing to consider, not every disturbance is worthy of attention and consideration.
Do not be fooled by strong breezes that masquerade as storms on the sea.
Its the frequency and quantity that matters.

Just as the frequency and quantity of the footfalls along the path are important, so will be the frequency and quantity of experiences that compromise this path.

The Individual Is Paramount

As Within So Without

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