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George, it's up to me to share with you these thoughts on the page.

Virtue is indeed its own reward. However, that's hardly the only reward virtues have to offer.

I want to thank you again for delivering my first lesson in the Tao Te Ching with the flip-side to "Lady Madonna" indeed.


  A few hours ago I finally dreamed. I was at the cash register of the North Bennington Variety store, outside the spring blasted sunny yellow and leafy green. In that respect it was not like today, where freezing winds douse the icy streets with pure unbound sheaves of snow. But otherwise very much like today. Every morning I walk to NBV for my cup of Green Mountain java no matter what the weather. In the dream I'm tapping a #2 pencil into the newspaper I'm about to buy, singing "Isolation". "People say we got it made, don't they know we're so afraid..." Tap, tap, slow, insistent. When I get to the part about "I don't expect you to understand, after you've caused so much pain..." the dream suddenly ends. I awake encouraged.


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Comment by sav on April 12, 2019 at 7:06am

Oops! The auto-correct changed a word, changed the meaning of my comment about Jim Morrison so I deleted it to rewrite - but I deleted anki's comment by mistake as well. Oh well. Perhaps you had or will have a Doors dream in the next couple of days ....

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