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To believe is to be truth. The truth will prevail. Working together to bring back balance to the force. I've had ways of going about it. There was more to Noah's Flood and people still don't get it. It's simple eugenics. Have ye lil faith? People seem to misinterpret what was said back then. Evolution everyone... Get with the program, please. To hunt or to be hunted. Them felines are no joke. I had one wish. Please interview him. Lol, things are funny over here on Alnitak. Stay with the circling like a vulture. More like a crocodile snapping your neck. Lol... This is too funny. Now he's being initiated. His name is Sam I Am. Oh no, the kid is back. I have another way of going about it. Living to learn and loving to be free, that's real. Hold up, here are the time tables. Yup, straight black hole. Are you getting the picture?

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