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Inelegant rhymes with which to compromise
The uncivil sentiment
Pliers screw drivers down to size
Idle dreamers awake with effort
To prevent the sleep sand barnacled bloodshot eyes
From duning down the very ones they seek to therapize

Who stirs up the pot? Who sorts this one from the rot?
Scrubs it from the bottom, slurps it from the top
Who looks for the hot spot, churns butter in the crock
Turns the tide, rolls the rock, holds back the bud
Until its very scent will shock
Who gonna sign me, design me
Prime the axle, speed the cart
Court and shine on bended knee
Like Sirs and Ladies of ancient olde
Cloaked in silver threaded finery

The Top Forty Chart
Once platinum, twice gold
Now miserably counting out digitals sold
Who stirs up the pot? Who brings the spy in from the cold?
“There are things in this life better not to behold”
Someone is watching the clock
Tunes the rasp, files the lock
Melts the foundation propping the block
Pry the entertainment from this art
Try me, find me, depth from contrivance
Style out of heart

{John Savlove McHickMe)

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Comment by anki on August 1, 2018 at 2:23am

The heart has always stirred up my poetic soup

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