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Alright this is a philosophocal debate. In my mind.
But for some reason I am pulled back to this paradox.
There seems to be question here that I "need" an answer to.

On first pass I think, well "the answer is in the question".
That's not good enough. Clues yes, but answers, no.

Is that the point? The goal? I haven't even established a starting line yet.

Weird times now.
Oh by the way, I'm not holding back on this one. Take a trip. There's no guarantess or insurances..

Okay so let's bring back some logical reasoning here.
Consciousness. Was it grown? Or was it given?

On a side note, stop listening to conspiracies!
Conspiracies are just bumbers on the go kart of internet searches.
Consider all.

Back to the question. Grown or given?
Each is a different model of thinking.
One is the natural process of creating more complex things from simple things.
The other is less complex things creating more complex things.
Single cell bacteria evolving to conscious primates verses...
All knowing, infallible celestial beings creating us. Humankind.

Basically this is what I see.

Look at all religious origin stories and you can boil them down to the latter.
Now with technology taking over daily thought and driving daily emotion (whether its a like on social media or its because the f'ing bluetooth won't connect, or in the next generation "i got sniped playing fortnite")
it's not going away. This is the future. The path has been laid for you to follow.

So what's one of the responses to that percieved future? Protect the environment, from companies that provide you with internet and electricity, so you can be connected to social media and games, to be able to endorse environmental conservatism???

Or perhaps something better. Become spiratual. Because this other direction basically smells of soggy nachoes at a movie theater.

Yeah, I know the prose is slanted.
But calling on Goetic Demons may not be the best method of resolving the situation.
Or being a political activist that want's to see the whole world burn in lieu of nature?
You have internet and electricty to make that post on twitter for a reason.

The other idea I will spread across the bread, is that these other spirtual systems you seek to adopt into your sub-consciousness, were started a couple thousand years ago out of social/political strife.

Not because some people wanted to get together and expand human consciousness, no.
These systems were built out of necessity, to combat the opposing forces.

Considering history, as we commonally know it, we were cave men (yes women you were there as well, that's how biology works), then Summaria. Which is weird, but I am not touching that gap with anyone's ancient alien pole.

Bring it back to simple logic. You want action, you need purpose. In a self conscious world.
If you want purpose, you tell a story. The imagination drives the story to completion.
Why do politicians "energize" their base? There's a story that they are pushing that aligns with their own motives with the "majority" that they respond with (or the story does).
Cultural biases will IMMEDIATELY come into play because there are those narritaves that have been passed down generation to generation.
And narrtives created artificially, still it's passed down.

So if you can see this political and social associations on this level, what is defering the possibility from these interaction occurring on "higher" levels?
Your country, you belief system, cool. I like studying all of them, it's super interesting.
But I can't help wonder if these systems were massive NLP anchors to drive future generations into nothing but continuouse warfare.

On the other side of that, I will consider that it's still energy.
And while those before us attempted to explain, and many others definitely used...
It exists, and it will be expressed...

Oh yeah, who gave me consciousness?
I think a better way to frame that question is "who accepts possibility"

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Comment by Eleonora on June 13, 2019 at 2:47pm

I like the way you think. The answer to me has become clear as it both being created and grown. We are created with perfect bliss, by the one God that transcends all other, and how we deal with it is and always has been up to us - with the issue of who we are to do that always being the starting line in need of resolution.

Comment by Chris Kelley on June 12, 2019 at 9:53pm

Am I blaming here in this post? Thinking out loud now. The post is very aggressive. Judgmental.

But just like anything you can slide to far to either side.
Judgment is necessary for navigation, but too much keeps the ship at dock.
But to know the middle/balance, some sort of the ends must be explored.
Now the possibility of this journey is "given", but is it being "grown" or traveled?

Comment by sav on June 12, 2019 at 9:10am

The funny thing about politicians is that they compete in a personal way to bring about something highly impersonal: new laws. Now, because we care about cosmic consciousness, we are free to establish that these are all sub-laws. But saying if we only followed Divine Law everything would be systematic and glorious is as cliche as "the answer is in the question". Helpful, but only gets us so far. Just as nature versus nurture is a parallel to given vs. grown. Someone in my life just happens to be someone who could give me information I need but won't because whatever she came into the world with and/or learned to be makes it so she won't. No reason to blame her, but the problem leads directly to questions posed in this blog: resolvable ethical dilemma or predestined astro-pastlife-logical shadow of a drama?

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