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    The Work can lead one to monasticism or relationship. I post thoughts here because I am in the esoteric work, but I wonder aloud about relationship since regarding monasticism there is less mystery.

    After all these years without a partner, the person writing this is sure to be someone quite different than the person he is used to presenting to acquaintances. Acquaintances is plainly the best word under which to gather all the other people in my life. An intimate would be a different animal entirely. 

   The question of who i would be under those freedoms and conditions hardly disturbs the sanctity of the now. The present moment is a dynamic relationship in itself. If I was in conversation with my intimate, discussing what we want our relationship to be like would be firm territory for me. I realize some people approach their moments differently. Indeed, accountability is not something I've come to expect from acquaintances or previous intimates. Who i would be with an intimate is no doubt influenced by what that intimate is like. This is not how i was thinking when i began this open pondering though! I was thinking about what i bring from here. From this perch it's clear this work would have to be embraced and understood. 

    My next intimate doesn't have to love dub reggae or waking up at 4 in the morning to get a start on the day. She only has to be a formative part of a mutual pleasure architecture. I'm super-acommodating, that much is obvious. But I have more self-esteem than I did in that distant expanse of years that includes old friends and other patches of form and essence. I really don't quite know who i would be discovering that joy tomorrow.



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Comment by flameinthesnow on March 9, 2018 at 5:34pm

Ahem. If I may, as one who is (in this form) as much a beginner as is possible, but one who supports all forms of sacred sexuality (however expressed), I think that playing may be the place to start. If we could be like little children (watched over by our wiser selves) who would never dream of hurting another, but who wish to begin with humor and delight, allowing the waves of purification and activation to flow through, but waving to one another. I do think that, at some point, things will settle down a bit (and the endless time of transmutation will end), and then, we might be able to enjoy Real. Actual. Relationships. Multidimensional, yes. But also involving the human being that one can actually touch. That's what this longtime celibate is hoping for, anyhow. Even if that doesn't happen immediately, do not forget to love yourself!!!! Much affection, Flame.

Comment by sav on January 10, 2018 at 4:46am

The biggest difference between me writing this 13 months ago and me replying today is that I want to tear down all formal tone.

Really. The guy is ardent - but so chaste that the words stumble over each other, aiming to please. It's a courtly approach to being bullshitted by people he wishes knew better. But it's only a wish - not a should. To write they should know better is either cliche or a judgement. 

There is something very typical about the constraints of the weird 5D Twin Flame energy. Yes it forces us to drain love of its glamor, and that's a good thing. But it is also as much like any other love affair built around separation. Victorian Age engagements, unions pre-arranged by the parents in traditional Hindu or Muslim homes, and the chivalry of Knights as well - the list goes on and on of situations in which love making itself is held off for years and years. Why? Why can't society get it together and embrace love making for hieros gamos as a healthy productive thing to do or at least aspire to? Why are the Twin Flame forces in karmic wave formation with this neutering, and not just in my case?

This conversation need not be such an esoteric, hush-hush, oh-you-wouldn't-dream, leave-sex-to-the-vulgarians, arcane, way left to the new center of identity preference, too-sincere minority report. 

Comment by Eagle on January 3, 2017 at 12:18am
You would be all colors. If beautiful were a color, you would be all of them. Upon my own pondering, I sense confident vulnerability as you contemplate how you might be with an intimate. Compelling your blog is. Let's hope we all wonder such things.

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