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Of the Gates

My Eternal Man set in Repose
The Female from his darkness rose
And She found me beneath a Tree
A Mandrake & in her Veil hid me
Serpent Reasonings us entice
Of Good & Evil: Virtue and Vice
Doubt Self Jealous Watry folly
Struggling thro Earth's Melancholy
Naked in Air in Shame & Fear
Blind in Fire with shield & spear

Two Horn'd Reasoning Cloven Fiction
In Doubt which is Self contradiction
A dark Hermaphrodite We stood
Rational Truth Root of Evil & Good
Round me flew the Flaming Sword
Round her snowy Whirlwinds roard
Freezing her Veil the Mundane Shell
I rent the Veil where the Dead dwell
When weary Man enters his Cave
He meets his Saviour in the Grave
Some find a Female Garment there
And some a Male, woven with care
Lest the Sexual Garments sweet
Should grow a devouring Winding sheet
One Dies! Alas! The Living & Dead
One is slain & One is fled
In Vain-glory hatcht & nurst
By double Spectres Self Accurst
My Son! my Son! thou treatest me
But as I have instructed thee
On the shadows of the Moon
Climbing thro Nights highest noon
In Times Ocean falling drownd
In Aged Ignorance profound
Holy & cold I clipd the Wings
Of all Sublunary Things
And in depths of my Dungeons
Closed the Father & the Sons
But when once I did descry
The Immortal Man that cannot Die
Thro evening shades I haste away
To close the Labours of my Day
The Door of Death I open found
And the Worm Weaving in the Ground
Thou'rt my Mother from the Womb
Wife, Sister, Daughter to the Tomb
Weaving to Dreams the Sexual strife
And weeping over the Web of Life

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Comment by Carol from Sweden on July 2, 2009 at 10:08am
Sammi, it was not me Carol that has made this blog post - it is member Alchemistra! Thought I should let you know since I see my name there in your comment..!

Thank you Alchemistra for posting this. I too love Blake's poetry!
Gratitude, love and light,
Comment by John Anthony on July 2, 2009 at 6:52am
What a beautiful bit of prose! As SammiG already stated the images are spot on. Thanks!
Comment by Sophia Anila (SammiG) on July 2, 2009 at 6:22am
Carol - I love William Blake! I have a bit of his writings in some of my books - what a beautiful selection and of course your images are perfect! Thanks so much for posting this. This peace says so much and is very thought provoking.
Have a Blessed Day,
Love in Friendship,
SammiG (Sophia)

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