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"Do what thou wilt, shall be the whole of the law".
Odd occurrences lead me analyze this statement of intent.
As such all statements of intent, should be...

Okay, let's break it down, in "simplistic", "action oriented" associated metaphors as I, interpret them.
Fancy, right?

I do what I do.
Simply, another aspect of this sentences is the word "wilt".
Another word is "law".

These are two words, in my mind, represent two aspects.
Will ("wilt" in this statement which implies an element of time), which is that of the fire element. The male characteristic of projection (as far as the word "will" is concerned).
The other element I address now is that of "law". Which implies boundary. Saturnian energy.

Where's the feminine? I could consider the term "whole" as representing that energy..
And I would say the term feels like connection.
Pattern recognition. We have that ability and we are also "bound" by it.

We have "wilt" and "law", and "whole" connects the two segments of statement.
Now consider the other words that predicate these terms.
"Do what thought wilt" is adverbial phrase. Action and description.
"Shall be" is another verbal link in the chain, and then we have... "the whole of the law" which is a chain of nouns linked by adverbs, pronouns, and prepositions.
Words describing words...

Know through this analysis, I am tempted to incur some questions of the author.
But these are my thoughts, and other's will have different interpretations of the statement.
They exist in context of other information, or lack thereof...

That's fine.
What is more important I believe, is the relevance of the path of association and that offers.

This intellectual discourse was motivated by media I consumed earlier (which probably explains why I sound like an Englishman in my head), but the "subject" matter and the "objective" viewpoints are very real for me.

I wonder if the very thing we seem to "lack", is not consciousness awareness of ego and shadow, or of this guru or that teaching/religion, but the very ACT of association itself.

I can analyze the statement that and the author until the end of days.
What have I learned by doing so? In this case, aspects of Thelema.
That's cool.
What have I learned about the process of understanding itself?


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