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"I think therefore I am".
Context, context, context. All truths are but half truths.
We are not all philosophers, and while thought is powerful, it is only so if acted upon.

It appears to me that we are bathed in thought, and emotion.
Opinions to push away that which we are willing to consider.
And also lines of thought to plot the course of personal action.

Much like little red riding hood walking through the forest attempting to evade the wolf that hunts her.

Perhaps the wolf is what drove her into the forest to begin with.
And instead of focusing on the fear produced by the wolf, she should consider her surroundings.

Flip the script and break through the "3rd wall". If you are lost, then others certainly are. We are just bumping into each other in the dark, lol.

Seriously though, it comes back to the narrative. The one we create for ourselves, or the one we allow others to create for us. That's were the forest comes in I believe.

The wolf is always there. In all of us.
Perhaps its, first, whose wolf do you follow, and second, what kind of wolf do you have?

For the wolf we can consider fear and courage. A very typical dichotomy spoken of.
But those are same things on a spectrum.
Another could be desire and passion, still the same spectrum.

So what's the point?
Whatever you say it is...
Just be aware of what is leading you, and where it's leading you through.

Awareness and decision. You have both.

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