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Life is born in darkness; the nothingness of the womb is the mother of all creation

No cells and no souls exist outside of the nothing

We all exist in it, in a state of dream, playing characters of our own subconscious

A continuous archetype theater over and and over again

The curtains never fall, the light never turns on

It is but an illusion of a beautiful mind,

There is no light and no self in a dream world.

The consciousness is all there is and we are but drops of the same life

Seeing itself over and over again

Never ending dance of the one eye looking within.


The sun within and the sun above is one and the same

Life is meditation, stillness is creation, sound is manifestation.

To see is to dream, to sleep is to awake, to find is to look.

There is no difference between you and another

Because one life born over and over in different times

Is talking to itself from a different mask.


Timeless space less selfless river swirling around itself

In order to see itself, to feel itself

There is no mirror when all there is, is you.

The self doesn’t exist, ego doesn’t exist, life is to sleep.

To awaken is to die, to be born is to fall asleep.


Into the fire of the creative mind we play our endless game

Lovingly teasing each other into a sandcastle of the child.

The same child, in every single one

Trying to find another to play with.

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