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Words Of Lions II


One they gave me;

"It is true you have failed. You wait for another chance, but it is up to you to take it. And more so up to you to realize it's existence there."


"Shadows cannot snuff the light, but the light can overflood the shadows."

"There is no sleep. Your eyes are open in both worlds, but are you awake?"

A transcript;

Lionhearted: "The air feels weightless -- cleaner in here, almost like one distilled the negatives out of it."

Council: "It is not purified, only protected. And the weight is lifted in here. yes. The air is thicker in the waking." 

Council: "Please, sit. Let us begin."

Lionhearted: "Strange that it feels better than last time, perhaps things are improving."

Council: "Indeed."

Lionhearted: "Where are the rest?." 

Council: "They will be here momentarily if they choose."

Lionhearted: "Okay."

Council: "We've seen you've been very irritable lately. Causing friction between you and your family. Perhaps something is causing you to act this way, shall we find it?"

Lionhearted: "Alright."

Council: "We can assist you during or before the occurrence of these feelings or choices. For now let's focus on the matter at hand. June 2017."

Lionhearted: "Last year i heard only 300,000 were ready, is that the case still?"

Council: "Theres no telling now. Only they know." 

Lionhearted: "Not even you?"

Council: "Correct. After all, we aren't them."

Lionhearted: "I understand."

Council: "Time is accelerating, No-one will listen to you alone. As long as you choose listen for us, we will guide you."

Lionhearted: "I know this sounds stupid, but why me?"

Council: "More importantly, why  you.  Ask yourself, who are you? Who were you, and who are you now. Who is in control?"

Lionhearted: "So many things at once it's unbearable, they all feel like me and i'm so confused. But i feel none of that here, it's always been lessened here."

Council: "In here, you are you. Conscious you. We won't let anything hurt you in here, but outside -- it is up to you."

Council: "One thousand steps can be one hundred, or even ten if you find your obstacles."

Council: "We wish you luck. Find us beside you always."

Lionhearted: "Thank you."

The meeting concluded.

I have been making regular conversation with them like this for the past few meetings. Like equals. 

Before it tended to be highly philosophical, and still is. I am honored by their presence, and i hope this helps you.




The Council of Lions 

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