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In the long tradition of blues dealing with any subject turning the human tides, here is a brand new blues, hand-written earlier today, typed for the first time direct into Esoteric Online.

It's an 8-bar blues, so, strummers and sliders, pull out thine axe. First chord is C, second line goes up to F, third chord back to C, fourth back up to F. Fifth line is a double-length G7, title line back to C, same double length with a little G7 turnaround at the end. Presented here with a tip of the cap to Willie Dixon's "My John the Conqueror Root".    Illustration is a Muddy Waters collage by Oliver Trager. Music & Lyrics by SaveLove Music {John Savlove}

It's a sudden uprising

A creamy soufflé

Washed down with liquid

A steaming flambé

The water never boils, not a single drop will spill

It's my Zendyn Gold Immortality Pill

She's tried every elixir

Oils and lotions

Lip balms and bath bombs

And circular motions

She's tried everything except the one thing that fits the bill

My Zendyn Gold Immortality Pill

Holy sufferin' sulphur

Pure grain alcohol

Alchemical crystals

Slowly blend them all

Mercury extractions cooled and well distilled

My Zendyn Gold Immortality Pill

Oh no, you can't have this

I save it for her

It's not complicated

It has to be pure

I'll wait through all her curtain calls and her backstage curtain drills

With my Zendyn Gold Immortality Pill

Gatsby and Tara

Have lost all their skill

And their studded tiara

Has lost all its will

Just not sure what might happen when they mix this with their swill

The Zendyn Gold Immortality Pill

Without a comeback

Or a second career

Ageless and vital

Love's gondolier

She knows she's sure to find me when other men are over the hill

With my Zendyn Gold Immortality Pill

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