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At 11:41pm on September 3, 2015,
Journeying Fool


May your Birthday be filled worth many blessings. And since it is on a Friday, perhaps some celebrating too! 

Peace Be With You! 

BrianM ~the Journeying Fool

At 3:18pm on September 3, 2015,

At 11:32pm on August 13, 2015,

Tomorrow is the day of the divine mother. May this angel carry ur wish to you and keep u safe for me. hugs. 

At 12:57pm on August 9, 2015, Fiona Davis said…
Merry evening greetings, Tris,
Just tryed to log on to watch the broadcast but can`t figure it out! :(
Blessed be
At 4:29pm on June 23, 2015, Sandi T. said…

Thank you, you too! I will take a good look at that link, thanks! :)

At 7:05am on May 26, 2015,
Thank you very much!!
At 9:16pm on May 23, 2015, Emeraldaz 777 said…

Thank you Tris for the beautiful message, your energy was so lifting hehe. I will enjoy it here very much. <3<3<3

At 5:05am on May 2, 2015, metatr0n said…
Whens the next eso theater @tris?
At 7:34am on April 27, 2015,

Thank you so much about helping out last night with everything. It was very needed and appreciated.

At 7:22am on April 4, 2015,

At 7:06am on January 12, 2015, stephen said…

Sarah's Poem

There are thousands of kids out there just like Sarah.  There are thousands of fathers & mothers like Sarah's- read the poem as though either parent, or both, can be to blame.

Take some time to reflect on this and acknowledge that this can happen, and that people like her parents, her dad or her Mum do live in our society.
 We pray that child abuse will end - someday.

Sarah's Poem

My name is Sarah 
I am but three, 
My eyes are swollen 

I cannot see 
I must be stupid 
I must be bad

What else could have made 
My parents so mad? 
I wish I were better 
I wish I weren't ugly

Then maybe my mommy 
would still want to hug me. 

I can't speak at all 
I can't do a wrong 
Or else I'm locked up 
All the day long. 

When I awake I'm all alone 
The house is dark 
My folks aren't home. 

When my parents do come 
I'll try and be nice 
So maybe I'll get just 
One whipping tonight 

Don't make a sound! 

I just heard a car 
My parents are back 
From Charlie's Bar 

I hear them curse 
My name they call 
I press myself 
Against the wall 

I try and hide 
From their evil eyes 

I'm so afraid now 
I'm starting to cry 

They find me weeping 
The shout ugly words 
They say its my fault 
That they suffer at work 

They slap me and hit me 
And yell at me more 
I finally get free 
And I run for the door 

They’ve already locked it 
And I start to bawl 
They take me and throw me 
Against the hard wall 

I fall to the floor 
With my bones nearly broken 
And my parents continue 
With more bad words spoken 

"I'm sorry!" I scream 
But its now much too late 
Their faces are twisted 
Into unimaginable hate 

The hurt and the pain 
Again and again 
Oh please God, have mercy! 
Oh please let it end! 

And they finally stop 
And head for the door 
While I lay there motionless 
Sprawled on the floor 

My name is Sarah 
And I am but three 

Pick it up

At 3:50pm on January 9, 2015,
Dallas Edward Dettling

Thank you for the welcome Tris. I am pretty much drowning in all of the knowledge available here haha. great place, so glad I found it.

At 3:12pm on December 21, 2014,

At 4:43pm on November 5, 2014, Douglas A Henderson said…

your welcome

At 1:04am on September 30, 2014,

Litle something to watch over you and keep you safe.

At 4:51pm on September 4, 2014, kozmikfish }@> said…

At 3:58pm on August 19, 2014,

At 10:10pm on August 15, 2014, Poly33 said…
Hello tris, thank you for the welcome! Love And Light
At 7:30pm on August 15, 2014, Deb Webb said…

Thanks for the kind welcome. Truly ecstatic to soak up all the resources here.  It is so comforting to be around my spiritual kin. :)

At 11:04am on July 20, 2014, Sabine FERGUSON said…

Merci beaucoup for the invite. Sabine

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