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At 10:43am on January 14, 2019,

Good evening,

I read your post about Twin Flames. It is fascinating. Do you have this from a book or is this your own insight? I put the text in my twinflame forum if you don't mind? Greetings

At 2:06pm on March 22, 2018, Python said…

Long time no see. Hope all is well. Nice music by the way (Amber)

At 11:33pm on March 11, 2018, sav said…

Finally made it to a big food market - and they didn't have the gallons of distilled water I expected. But I went home with a huge bottle of Glacieu Smartwater - "vapor distilled with electrolytes for taste". Is that, like, the best distilled water one can buy? Or a sham?!

At 4:32am on November 27, 2017,
Kaye Warrandyte


I have enjoyed many of your posts & information you have shared on this site truly enlightening keep up the good work

Cheers K

At 5:41pm on November 26, 2017, Eva Rider said…

I am not familiar with this tree of life system but it looks intriguing and it includes daath. When I have completed my class which is incorporating the traditional tree with the 22 major arcana pathways, it would be interested in learning more about this system and how it relates to the human body.

At 3:35am on November 26, 2017, Eva Rider said…

Thank you, Jolan. That is amazing and perfect! I would like to use it for my class on the Mystic FooL and we just completed the class that linked to the Tifaret at the center of the tree and this image is perfection.

Who would I credit if I used it?

At 10:28am on November 19, 2017, flameinthesnow said…

Thank you kindly!

At 8:13pm on November 17, 2017, Brian said…

Hi Bro :)  

At 9:52am on January 15, 2016,
Rachelle Hermtrisme

Regarding flat earth trolism:

Haha, thanks for the link, I'll look ionto that today! :D ;)

At 12:59pm on January 14, 2016,
Rachelle Hermtrisme

Hello! Thanks for sending me a friend request! It is great to connect with you! :) 

At 6:53pm on May 26, 2015,
Raymond Joseph Micklon

Sorry for not accepting your friends request until now. I have been very busy with school, and not logged onto the site recently. Have a pleasant week be well. I like your graphics and use of sacred geometry ;)


At 3:52am on May 24, 2015, Emeralda("V") said…

I love that song so much, thanks for sharing. <3<3<3

At 6:16am on May 18, 2015, Emeralda("V") said…

Thank you Jolan, nice to be here. <3 :)

At 2:40pm on April 22, 2015, Aryia said…

Hey yes it is such an ancient site with many secrets nd memories protected there
There are lots of celebrations which take place there... like this which will be happening soon and I hope to make it.
There are also parties that happen there but i've never been to one :O... yet hehe
Have a great day
~Blessings and love to you~


At 2:35pm on April 22, 2015, Aryia said…

At 3:36pm on October 31, 2014,

Thank You...sorry so long in response...password issues...

At 12:24pm on January 28, 2014,

At 6:20am on August 28, 2013, SwanRa said…

Thank you Erophin - for the Rodin (one of my hero's) gorgeous work on 369 - I have discovered some really amazing info regarding 369 - this is the center piece of my work - this includes the Yin Yang sine...

Love SwanRa.... beautiful page - will have to come back and indulge! Blessings.

At 3:24am on August 16, 2013,

Was just mentioning to another in chat, I still really love what you did with your profile my friend - has the nice header, and the two side images repeated downward on scroll gives the impression we are inside some sort of cosmic castle when on your page.

Much love brother, hope you're good.

At 2:48am on August 16, 2013,

Hey brother, hope all is well - been a while. You do some great stuff, and would love to see more of that and to see it continue here in the community by means of your awesome blogs, discussions, and at times astounding imagery.


Been traveling or something? If so brother, I trust you're staying safe - hope to speak again real soon.

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