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At 1:19pm on April 10, 2017,
Rowan Stonechaser

Thank you for the welcome! I didn't see this.... I guess I need to scroll down mor often. Blessings!!

At 3:35pm on April 8, 2017, VeeDubz​ said…
Thank you xx
At 7:02am on March 30, 2017, sav said…

This is way better than posting a blog - because the day-to-day esotericism of my vortex experience is by now too unworthy of serious consideration as a Twin Flame tag. The only reason I know "A' & I are Twin Flames is that whatever compels me to this hyper-intuition is in accordance with the first stages of TF Ascension as detailed by  people like Jolan. Here at EO, understanding how these sacred threads of consciousness relate to planetary healing is held above all else. Unfortunately, out of all the people who could offer more tangible information to me about my particularly conditioned social experience, none of them are members of EO!

Ah well. This will pan out. My company of sincere seekers here on EO will get to witness from these beloved cyber-chambers Snodoc's next turning point.

At 12:44am on March 30, 2017, Amira Braiek said…

Thank you Snodoc AND :)

At 10:21am on March 1, 2017, Christopher Simon Spitler said…

Thank you for the welcome! I am happy to be here. 

At 9:26am on February 22, 2017,
Miccaletto Ehnub Yaida Gmicalz V

At 5:59am on January 23, 2017, sav said…

The so-called Twin Flame/Soul Ascension vortexes continue to determine my inner life and how I account for myself. It's been to long in this holding pattern for me to assign any more meaning to it than "what it is". Oh, I'm sure it's more meaningful than that, but neither the art or the science of discovery can go any further without tangible input from the other. Meanwhile, saying goodbye to my original hometown because the old house will be sold, and everybody finds the external progress handsome and lucid. So at least I have that going for the Evolutionary Movement. If we knew how to mobilize light workers like the new American President just mobilized the same people he insulted, perhaps I'd have more of a voice.

At 6:00am on January 12, 2017,
Daniel X

Thank you for your kind words 

At 11:34am on January 3, 2017, Eagle said…
Thank you for joining the planetary healing group and for your friendship. Love Diana
At 5:14am on December 10, 2016,


At 4:28pm on November 27, 2016, AL Alfi said…

Thanks for the welcome bro :) i liked the hexagrams you showed 

At 8:53am on November 25, 2016, Danielle said…
Georgia is definitely.a climate difference. I'm from N.J originally and I'm still waiting for 4 seasons. Savannah is very touristy so alot of jobs are seasonal.
At 2:57am on November 7, 2016, sav said…

There is nothing passive about this waiting process. The nature of meditation is to guide one further into reality, and my grasp of reality is respected. Thus I'm really only placating people who do not want to discuss this waiting process with me when I say that my intuition chakra may be in need of serious psychiatric care. It is simply that my position is to be aware of people who intend to contact me as I tend to daily chores. Two of these people are practically omnipresent. And the wake we create in my life's big non-event is as well like a third person. Well, that's enough for now. Time to post a picture.

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