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A Crushing Critique of the Contradicting Qira'at Qur'ans

[1] What do modern Muslim Leaders Claim?
[2] The 30 Diacritical Variants Defined
[3] The 30 ‘Official’ Variant Qur’ans
[4] How the Qira’at was formed
[5] Were there more than 30 Qira’ats?
[6] A look at some Qira’at Variants
[7] Comparing Hafs with Warsh
[8] The 1924 Hafs Canonized Text
[9] How the Hafs Canonized Text was Chosen
[10] Conclusions

Below, then are his 21 conclusions:

1)Muslims are forced to say the Qur’an is perfectly preserved because of Surahs 10:15; 15:9; & 18:27

2)Modern scholars make claims they can not hope to support (i.e. “No word or letter has changed”)
•Their claims are wreaking havoc within Muslim communities, post June 8, 2020

3)There never has been just 1 Qur’an, and certainly not any from the 7th century

4)The fact that Arabic could not accommodate a written text so early needs to be acknowledged

5)How could Muhammad receive 7 recitations (dialects) if he only lived in Mecca & Medina?

6)If there was a canonical ‘Quraishi’ Qur’an by 652 AD, where is it today?

7)Furthermore, where are the 5 ‘Quraishi’ copies sent to Medina, Mecca, Basra, Kufa & Damascus?

8)What has happened to Ubai ibn Ka’b, Ibn Mas’ud, and Ibn Musa’s Manuscripts? Where are they?

9)The 8th century Qira’at Qurans only begin to appear over 100 years after Muhammad died
•This proves they never knew Muhammad, nor even worked in his century

10) They were chosen even later, between 936 – 1429 AD, thus, 300 – 800 years too

11) So, the ‘seven’ 8th century Qira’ats cannot be the same as ‘Jibril’s seven’ 7th century ‘Recitations’

12) Since Uthman destroyed the Iraqi & Syrian ‘recitations’, why do they
suddenly reappear in the 8th c.?

13) Why are only 8 of the 30 official Qira’ats from the areas the Quraishi would have
existed (the Hijaz)?

14) We now find that there were many more than 30 Qira’ats; possibly close to 700!

15) It’s curious that the Qira’ats were primarily chosen because of popularity and geography
•Shouldn’t a ‘Rawi’ (Transmitter) have the same script as his ‘Reader’, in order to be legitimate?
•Each wrote their own unique script, with over 93,000 differences between just 23 of

16) Not one of the Qira’at Qur’ans have had any textual critical analysis
•No one has tried to find the earliest manuscript to use as a model
•No one has looked at the text of any of the subsequent Qira’at Qur’ans

17) Hafs, the canonical Qira’at was not a member of the first 7, nor of the subsequent 10
•He was unreliable, weak, untrustworthy, and a liar, used objectionable material & fabricated chains, so that others avoided him, and refused to use him
•He was initially chosen in order to standardize high-school exams on the Qur’an, but only in Cairo
•He was chosen for political purposes (the Ottoman’s preferred him to the others…but why?)

18) He was chosen by the Saudi Arabian government only 35 years ago, out of expediency
•Yet, why did the Arabian government choose an Iraqi dialect over their own Quraishi dialect?

19) Nowhere in this whole process did anyone use TEXTUAL CRITICISM
•(i.e. whether Haf’s text was similar, or even close to the original Uthmanic Quraishi text)

20) The reason? There was no Uthmanic Quraishi manuscript with which to compare!!

21) There still aren’t even today!!!

From what we have researched, and found, we can say that:

•The Qur’an was not created by God at all
•The Qur’an was not sent down to Muhammad between 610 – 632 AD
•The Qur’an was not completed by Uthman in 652 AD
•The Qur’an was changed in the last 1300 years
•The Qur’an was finally compiled in 1924, and made official in 1985
•Thus, the Qur’an is a mere 96…no wait…35 years old!
•Consequently, many of us are actually older than the Qur’an!

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