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CERN? All Bibles Have Been Altered! - Mandela Effect

Passages in every bible, whether online or in print, have been altered, worldwide and in every language. Whether it’s CERN or other spiritual forces, your own bible is no longer the infallible word of God. Christ warned us of days like this, and David said we should write the word on our hearts. Everything just changed.

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Comment by Eyemthewon1111 on March 25, 2018 at 9:10pm

I have been studying the Mandela effect for a while and just recently stumbled upon the changes in the bible. Quite interesting also CERN has shrines built honoring Shiva. We are most definitely on the brink of something of monumental proportions, really words can't even give credence to what is just around the corner. I personally am enthralled!

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