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Led Zeppelin III Inscription - Peter Bebergal

Author Peter Bebergal describes how "Do What Thow Wilt" came to be inscribed on the album "Led Zeppelin III." See more about his book "Season of the Witch: H...

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Comment by sav on April 8, 2019 at 5:57am

Jesus spoke in parables. Lennon and Plant wrote pop song lyrics. Whenever they opened their mouths to speak plainly, they would get in trouble. Except for Plant - but when he had bad luck that put him in the hospital and in 1977 when his son died, people were quick to blame it on his association with black magic. I wouldn't do that - would not blame it on Jimmy Page or channeling the Mystic that is.   The crucible of popularity is one thing. The accidents that happen due to any number of event chains or negligence are another. But the will to put the message out - in lyrics, in the music, in the fashion, scratched into the inner groove of the vinyl or hidden in the cover -- that is sheer enthusiasm for using one's vaunted position to promote the masters, the teachings, to get the kids to see beyond the celebrities and into the light!!

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