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Russellian Science: The Exploration of Consciousness, Part One - Defining a New Cosmology

An in depth study of the central concepts of Russellian Science has been juxtaposed throughout my site, demonstrating the superior understanding of "knowledge" gathered by inner vision of Mind using Russellian Science.

This method transcends the dull academic method of gatheing data using one's senses and then creating theroies (guesses) based on the appearances of that empirical data. The problem being that mankind's senses are decieved by the very motions of Light. Only by "knowing" light, can Mankind understand the true Nature of Reality, the Creator of the Universe and our relationship to the Whole of Creation.

Produced by Matt Presti and Robert Otey

Matt Presti's You tube Channel:

Matt Presti's website: "The Secret of Light"

"The Exploration of Consciousness", hosted by Matt Presti:

Music Sound tracks:

"Stand" by Matt Presti
starts at the beginning

@3:37 Sonando en Aztlan, written by Robert Otey

Acoustic Guitar- Robert Otey

Vocals- Audrey Weichman

@6:10 "440", by matt presti

@8:27 "3 Ohmnis", by matt presti

@12:30 "Ode to Mother Gaia", by matt presti & Mother Natura

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