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Timespot 41_Ideas for Better Cities & States

In the restructuring of our cities & states, the worship of famous people needs to stop. Our television shows are causing much destruction of self-esteem in our young people. This change in society must come about. Its time is here. The quality of life will be what matters, not the quantity of possessions. During this changeover period, everyone will be going through periods of frustration. The coming New Culture will be the Age of Creativity, and this will come about by each creating their own personal reality through their thoughts. Working with arts and crafts is the only way of stabilizing the emotional body. It would be far better to pick up a paint brush and paint an amateur or even ugly painting than to take a tranquilizer or aspirin or alcohol to calm the nerves. Through beauty, coloring and harmony, we will achieve the bridging from our lower self to our higher self.

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