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Esoterics, Initiates, and biblical books

Goal: To open a conversation about the torah, the prophets, and the rest of the biblical books: Has anyone attempted to read the books like…

Started by Lawrence Thomas

3 Oct 22
Reply by D.

I'm Looking for this book (initiation guide)

Hello, I am looking for a book but cannot remember what it was called, and I'm not even certain of the author! Not a good start, I know. T…

Started by John Falstaff

11 Sep 19
Reply by peter henry daley

Egyptian Magick

Curious if anyone here has any experiences or resources to share involving Ancient Egyptian entities or magick?

Started by Christopher Smith

5 Sep 13
Reply by peter henry daley

Discussing occultism and magick with my Christian father

Hello, Long story short, I am trying to have a discussion of my occult beliefs and practices with my Christian father.  He is deeply concer…

Started by Jesse Clark

3 Sep 6
Reply by Butch Zym

Truth or Delusion? The Supernatural World Around Us

I hope this is the right place to post this.  I'm struggling with this concept and have been for several years and finally am seeking advic…

Started by Cypress

0 Aug 18


I was a born and raised Catholic. My parents enrolled me into Catholic school from the ages of 11 until the time I graduated high school at…

Started by Seīrei

2 Jun 20
Reply by shawn

The Word is very near you

IMAGINE a world without words. You can't read. You can't write. You can't speak. You can't know anything. You can't understand anything. Yo…

Started by Paul Lorence

3 Jun 20
Reply by shawn

whyere did theism begin?

Druse Indo-European Aryan

Started by Myron Charles Boice

3 Jun 20
Reply by shawn

The Living Word and the Graven Image

What is true is that which is and what is false is that which is not. So, here is the fundamental question, are beliefs true or false? If y…

Started by Paul Lorence

1 Jun 20
Reply by shawn

Does darkness expand?

The Universe is in constant expansion, some say it prioritizes expansion over any other aspect of existence, it expands physically and the…

Started by Jer

5 Jun 20
Reply by shawn


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