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Dear friends:
My name is Koli and I have been invited to participate in a seminar in Germany relating the events of the Mayas for 2012.
I am looking for people who may be interested in having me over to have other seminars while in Europe (I am from Mexico) and you can read a little about me in my site
I am sending you in this mail the letter printed in Germany for the events and the contact of the person in case you think you would like to have me over.
I would be in Germany and it is not a problem to travel in the EU.
I also include in the seminar a concert with music from the prehispanic times of the Mexican people (teponztle, flutes, rattles, ocarinas, etc)
I am not a shaman and I dont pretend to be an expert in anything, just another scholar who has taken the time to gather information and a very open view of the events that can take place in 2012
Thank you

Here is the letter (PDF) 2012

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