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Hello Everyone,

I wanted to put together some reference information, to make it easy for others to participate in the site. Some of these functionalities you may not have been aware you are capable of doing here on the site.

Please keep any added materials Esoteric or Sacred Science in nature, this is very important to the overal benefit to the community and humanity. We don't want to dilute the meaning of Esoteric Online, but rather to provide maximum effect for those seeking.

Also, try to keep any added material retained in the proper channels for organizational purposes and to make material easier to find, unless it is supporting material of course.

To add a Blog Post

To add a Page

To add a Discussion to a Group
Go to the Group, and click "Start Discussion" at the bottom of the group's Discussion Forum

To add a Discussion in Forum (Don't forget to choose a category!)

To add a Group

To add Photos

To add a Photo Album

To add Videos (please use the embed feature instead of uploading if possible, IE: YouTube, this will save a great deal of space)

To add an Event

Don't forget, when you add materials to Esoteric Online, try to use "Tags" whenever possible, also be sure sure to click the "Share" link at the bottom and send it to your friends so they know when you post!

This message should be retained as reference material, as it provides quick links to easily add material to Esoteric Online.

In The Work,


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