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First of all, thank you for accepting my request to join the website!

My name is Nicolas,

I am 19 years old, born on the 23rd of October 1996, and currently live in Bristol, UK. Originally I am from France, from Lille to be precise. I moved to the UK to study Law, even though I now think that becoming lawyer is not my destination.

I have got a condition called Alopecia, meaning that I can lose my hair at any moment. I first had an experience with this disease when I was 3/4 years old, as I lost an area of hair as big as 10p coin, so nothing serious and I've had my hair back couple of months afterwards. It happened again when I was 7, and same thing again nothing bigger than a 10p coin. However, when I was 10 I had another relapse in which I lost, over maybe 6 months, 3/4 of my hair. Today I still have some bald patches but it is "hideable" and it doesn't really bother me anymore. I've seen alot of doctors, especially homeopaths, and the majority of them was blaming it on stress or on a possible trauma, but at this time I really didn't feel stress or anything (I do now feel stressed out with uni, work, etc). I also went to see some magnetisers, and other similar professions, I feel like this is the real thing that helped, alongside with one really old homeopath who was saying that my scalp was a representation of my organs and I needed to heal my organs in order to get my hair back.

So I eventually went through this, got picked on a little bit, but that just made me tougher, more confident, but also made me think that I had something in me, something more than me that was willing to help.

Recently (last year and a half, since I arrived in Bristol really), I've had some "weird" experiences when I was in my bed trying to sleep (pardon how I refer to them, I don't know anything about the mystical world, I tried to do some research but it so vague I don't know where to start!). These experiences are usually similar but some differ. I've had for example a feeling of tingles (a bit like pins and needles but not really, as if some kind of electricity was trying to flow around my body) associated with my heart beating really really fast and also with a feeling of being lifted. I sometimes had an erection (and I was not thinking about anything), just like this "electricity" was going towards my penis and making it grow. I hear stuff as well, like some distorted voice speaking inaudible words. I more recently heard some really low frequency noises, like a spaceship stagnating over my house, and this same night at the same moment of the noise I thought I heard my roommate going to  the toilet and flushing the toilet but aparently she was deeply sleeping.

Basically I am lost with all this, that's way I joined this website because I would like to know way more about it but also embrace it.

Thanks for reading!

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Welcome to the site Nicolas, I hope that you are able to spend time here to explore your experiences further.

It sounds to he like you are on the cusp of having a significant experience, meditation and questioning self, mindfulness etc will help you.

Welcome to the forum community.


Welcome to the forum. Hope you will stay with us.


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