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Last night, I had an overwhelming dream:  I am flying in the skies and I encounter a cloud. As I am coming closer, this cloud transforms into  a majestic goddess  There was also a wheel next to her and it looked like a chariot wheel to me.   It was for both of us an unexpected encounter as we both startled seeing each other.  She was embarrassed by my "discover' , looked at me with her fierce, dark blue eyes and said' You ,mortal, cannot see me, go back home" .   With a goodbye gesture, she sent be back home in my bed. My bedroom felt electrically charged and filled with dazzling light.  I awoke completely exhausted and scared.

 I was not aware who I encountered, but I guessed it might be a Germanic goddess.   The first picture  I found was the picture of Frigg ( , the Teutonic mother goddess. It was exactly the same archetype I saw in my dream. The wheel I saw was actually her spinning wheel.

I have been reading about  Runes last weeks, but I did not study the mythology.  I am still figuring out why Frigg manifested  herself to me.  Any suggestions?

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           Frigga is a powerful Goddess and is known for many things esp prophecy which she doesnt reveal. So it could be that you will get more prophetic dreams or will come into some earth events of the future which she didnt expect you to recieve. 

        So pay close attention to your future dreams or the messages the Mother earth gives you there might be some truth waiting to be revealed for you!

        Cheers & Blessings!!

Thank you Adam !  I had last months several dreams pointing in the direction of emerging clairvoyance . I only have to allow it to unfold itself naturally.

I keep you posted. 

Blessings to you :)


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