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i am looking for people with more information on the enochian ophanim language. i am all for learning a new and more fractal language to open up new consciousness. not much i have found on this angelic language found in the torrah, and seen on the outer ring of the stargate on the movie "StarGate".... anyone with some more advice and information is greatly welcomed. apparently this is the language used by John Dee and Kelly they found in the draconian egg still being held in a british museum. it is said that this is the oldest language used by the draconians and nebiru race or annunaki. also used by many other star systems some say. but im told now is the time to learn this language to expand consciousness and speak the language of the ones who are to be visiting soon. thanks guys. LOVE AND BLISS!

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me too i'm searching like u..........

hahhhhhh the same position


The Enochian language is somewhere on the Internet.


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