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I have had a long interest in art and the aspects of consciousness it can reveal.
The mandalas in sand painting...incredible pathways to meditate on...religious art through-out the ages...and what it reveals and does not reveal through usage of sacred symbols and such...even the Impressionists and the Cubists and the Pop-Art movements showed the ebbs and tides of the collective unconscious on the planet.

Art seems to be the *cutting edge* of culture and society, peeking into the human psyche before the rest of the world "catches on". Do artists have a consciousness that can "tap into" the flow of human thought?

I paint (mainly oils and acrylics). I have noticed when I am painting, I go into a *higher* zone.
Sometimes I have no *plan* to my painting. On occasion, I don't even use brushes...yes, finger-painting with oils!

Everything else...all noise, all distraction, just drops away. The paint seems to know where to go on the canvas...or my hands know where to put is sometimes as if my mind is not involved at all.
I don't consider my self a *good* artist. Most days I do not consider my self an *artist*, lol.
But I am fascinated by the process more than the result at times.
Does anyone else *create*? Art, music, writing? (I also write, but rarely share what I write)
When you *create* do you think you have *plugged into* something "more"?

That is a painting I did while listening to some music by Leaves Eyes (Nordic band).
The painting is called "First Landing"

I will try to find some of my other computer still confuses me at times...I hide things away and never can find them again!

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I create much but my medium is digital... this post made me think about 'art therapy'... I'm sure it exists.
Very interesting. I can not help but think that you are correct on this, there must be a level of consciousness that artist tap into, especially when looking at artists like Alex Grey as well.

Nice painting.
Very interesting and exceedingly accurate. My best friend who is a wonderful artist says her best work happens when she "gets out of the way". It is suprising what comes through in a work of art, sometimes it cannot even be explained by the artist, but there it is. Conversely, when one views a work of art, 'there it is" to be apprehended by the viewer. The meeting of minds through the intuitve faculty, symbols work the same way, they are designed to impact on the consciousness through the intuitive faculty of the mind. Wonderful post. Ok, get this...I had overlooked your commentary about this painting and my immediate feeling after viewing this painting was of the North Sea, perhaps at the warmest time of the year, but the feeling of the far North, the Viking-like ship, the way the sea looks and the Sun so far barely there, and a kind of haze that speaks of approaching cold...perhaps at nightfall. It's really beautiful, thanks for sharing with us.
"I have noticed when I am painting, I go into a *higher* zone. Sometimes I have no *plan* to my painting. On occasion, I don't even use brushes...yes, finger-painting with oils! Everything else...all noise, all distraction, just drops away."

Interesting . . .

The "higher zone" that you spoke of is a product of tapping into creative potential via the right brain and subconscious. I do it (or try to, rather) whenever I write or draw. Anyone can do it; just try not to think of what you're doing and let it flow from within. You will be amazed at what you can produce. For, on that level, your potential is boundless.

Note that, no matter how well you can attune with this potential and how well you can "let it flow", what you ultimately produce may still look rubbish, because its form is given order, logic and detail by the left brain. In other words, your right brain is The Creator by way of your subconscious, and your left brain gives the Creation order and logic. That's why cultivating both brains and not just one or the other is important.

Of course, I'm speaking very generally here. Nothing is so precise - especially when it comes to the workings of the brain. And be careful not to stray into the pseudoscientific notions of brain lateralisation, should you decide to look into the subject more deeply (that is, if you haven't already).

"Art and Consciousness" is the name that you gave to this thread. To make an important point, art is consciousness. It is consciousness as expressed on the physical plane. In fact, look around you. Everything you see in the room that you're in is consciousness manifest as dense matter. It's all dense thought. Didn't everything - your bed, your computer, etc. - start off as a thought in the mind of man?

According to the ancients, by extension of this rule, we, too, are dense thought. We are dense Cosmic thought. The Universe was brought about by an act of Cosmic Magick, whereby Cosmic Mind was turned into matter. This, on our plane of existence, is the equivalent of having a thought and then allowing it to physically manifest by way of uttering it, drawing it, singing it, etc.

As above, so below; as below, so above.

Keeping that in mind, a very powerful notion naturally flows from this concept:


This is how the Universe grows. Through thought.

We are the Universe, and with each thought, we add to it. We are all co-creators.
''When you *create* do you think you have *plugged into* something "more"?
yes definitely i do
art is the expression of the soul .......nice painting i've dabbled in many media including painting.....hash brings out my better artistic creativities at times.....painting dance poetry gardening etc etc are all forms of therapy for the soul
i like alex greys work too
''EVERY TIME WE HAVE A THOUGHT, WE ARE IN FACT ENACTING THE BIRTH OF THE UNIVERSE!'' yup it does ;) that why it important to examine our thoughts......
For me, art is the most profound form of communication. It allows us to taste freedom from materialism, to temporarily transcend our physical prison.

Through dance and music, paint and sculpture, literature, yoga and meditation, psychedelics we glimpse something much greater than ourselves, but something that IS ourselves. We realize in their reflection the fleeting and empty nature of reality, and return to "real life" with a little piece of knowledge.

I think everyone has access to this world, but there have been studies conducted where they determined that some people are naturally more attuned to such experiences. These people, inevitably turn out to be the poets, the artists, and writers. On the flip-side, they are also often the drug addicts, the drop outs and the hobos. A personal goal of mine is to cultivate these things without slipping through the cracks. ART is a mirror and it reflects all dimensions. Dream = Destiny

It is said that you have to drop the Self-Conscious mind to be "Graced". Writing, painting, making music, being so engrossed that you have stopped the racing everyday mind activity Therefore it is when you have dropped self-consciousness and focus on your creative activity that a "Grace" can come in and enrich who you are! That is your Identity and your ability  to create.

If you are meditating  deeply that can and does happen then too.

It is also said and known that you must be "Graced" to be able to ascend up upon the planes of Higher Consciousness.

You must first be "Willing" to do so and have a good heart.

"I Am willing to receive. I am willing to project. I am willing to be as I Am." Vel

"Art is "thought" in "action" which captures and casts light on a subject, where it's shadows are seen to reveal the hidden "truth" about an otherwise unreal objective reality."

"We speak in art of the fact that that which gives the artist power enabling him to produce works of art or to reproduce them cannot originate from the ordinary conscious forces of the soul, but come up out of the unconscious and then enter into the consciousness. Hence, in connection with the artist, it is so that for him any sort of rules to which he might direct himself to, will become a disturbing factor; he cannot regulate himself according to rules; he must direct himself to that which as an elementary consciousness in his soul gives wings to those forces which he needs. He can, if he wants, subsequently to look back and give a certain explanation of that which comes to the surface from the subconscious aspect of his being. Therefore we must assume that many other hidden qualities hold sway in the soul, forces which do not play up into consciousness." Rudolf Steiner


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