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Awake. Be the witness of your thoughts. You are what observes, not what you observe.

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a small sentence but a great meaning............

focus to understund it........

thanks bro..........

Yes, the seeming 'i' observes the received input placed before my seeming awareness.

Once awoken to this . . then seeming interaction with the source of the input via thoughts about that current input . . . & then further witnessing the responce of the source to those thoughts, can & does help set up cycles/loops of communication in feedback responce to the now considered observation > source responce perceived effect > interpretation & considered conclusion > witnessed source responce > & so on . . .
which can & does take/use fantastic forms. . . .coupled with any degree of positive/nutral/negative implication.

also, in attempting to relay any part of this, 'truthfull witness' is better used.

. ~β┬ک~

Great one. I believe there is a meditational technique that is observing ur thoughts without judgment. That it was how yogi reach enlightenment. The vipasana?

To the best of my knowledge Vipassana is a Buddhist approach to the very thing we are pointing at.  The thing which is in everyone and everything and yet cannot be truly spoken of because 'it' is more than this.  Truly it is the I that you think is 'you' when you go back back back into your consciousness....the I is the root...the one that cannot be seen yet sees.  Words will never be able to convey this properly yet they can point toward the TRUTH...the truth of your existence.  

One Hindu approach is called "Advaita Vedanta" which I am personally more familiar with.

Another method that I feel properly contextualizes this is "Kashmir Shaivism".

Note:  Wikipedia and many main stream sites do not properly convey the teachings of these or many topics.  Please do make the time to check out other resources for further (missing) details.



p.s. Any or all of the above are proper paths to the ONE that is in all...all paths lead to one room, the room with many doors.  

Dear Tris,

Thanks for the idea....

It's very important to awaken our near & Dear...


You are a spirit having a human experience.  Somehow you forgot yourself....AWAKE 

I rarely connect with the witness, I sense glimpses of this witness. I live for the moments when I experience the witness observing.

Interesting concept... Sometimes when I observe myself, it's such a subtle action that I don't even notice myself observing. Unless I begin judging the action that I'm observing, then it becomes a conscious action, so I notice myself observing... Wow! That's a mind twister... Thanks I needed that...


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