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It's ancient magick that involves our cutting ourselves or pricking a finger with a needle . But, first, you must write an intent which the famous one on Youtube is thus "I intend to bring forth heaven on earth for the benefit of all excluding none. I intend to love all sentient beings and to worship all sentient beings" Then you smear your blood on the paper where you wrote it as a spiritual signature(you do not have to write your name in blood). Actually the originators who have channels on youtube (one called "Flat Earth Paradise" and the other changed his channel name from Quasilumous to Saturn. The whole point is that our own blood is our spiritual currency or money or exchange. So, when we upload a video to the "ethernet" , the Almighty God Intelligence sees us in a new way and acknowledges us. Although Devin Madgy and Quasi split up ways(Quasilumous claiming he is Satan the Devil with great conviction.And, Devin being the more Gnostic type) Now Devin from Flat Earth Paradise is claiming to be Hermes or Thoth . Some have uploaded videos stating different intents of their own making and placing their blood on it. There is another thing. Supposedly there is a planned "Exodus to Hyperborea" or the North Pole "Center of the Flat Earth Plane" sometime in 2019 supposedly I heard that the black hole sun (Lucifer) in the center of the toroidal reality; will rise some height above the hole in the North Pole sometime between 2019 and 2020. It is mainly an escapism philosophy saying that we will escape this 3rd dimension and some are already in the 4th dimension and eventually we will ascend to the 5th dimension.

Blood Over Intent is an ancient Prospitan ritual involving the signing of important contracts. Contracts where a person's life, savings, or freedom were on the line would involve a 'Blood Over Intent' signing, where the contract would be written and the person(s) attempting to risk another person's aforementioned traits would slice their hand to let blood flow freely on the document, before witnesses. If the contract was broken in some way and the perpetrator was caught by either party, this blood contract could be invoked and carried a death sentence and transfer of all respective goods to the other signatory.

Commonly, leaders would often make this contract since they held many lives in their authority. Navigators too would make this contract since they were responsible for a ship's crew.

The ritual remains to this day, used rarely. It is part of the Navigator initiation ceremony, but for the most part doesn't exist in modern society. Some nobility still use it.

Excuse for uploading Aristotle...I thought I had a book on Blood Magick in my Downloads but I do not .I accidentally downloaded what I should not have. Sorry.

Thank you. Very informative.

You are welcome, Jesse. 

Blood is the Symbol The Medium And the Price of Power: from Blood Magick by Seth Cardorra.

Cardorra, Seth. Blood Magick 

Jesse if you are serious about Blood Magick I highly recommend that book by Cardorra. I have the Kindle for PC version.

Oh, and by the way I actually did upload an Aristotle book up there in my reply by mistake. Yet, I deleted it in time. Kindle will not let somebody share e-book files.Unless they do and i dont know how to do it yet.

                                                                  with L.V.X.



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