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Do you agree with the ancient Gnostic statement: the body is a prison for the soul?

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I dont no, because without the body your soul cant experience this life fully. Its a temple of the soul

According ancient Gnosticism our souls have abidden within our bodies because of Demiurge's falling off the Pleroma. We would be pure spirites and enjoy with associations with Good Father if Demiurge were not created the material Universe

I agree with Anki. It feels like a privilege, not a prison.
The body is a container for the spirit in a natural realm. Do not mistake the body for a prison for one can easily travel elsewhere in spirit.


In the mystery of the Soul and its unknown agenda,  I wonder  how are the other units of Self doing?

SOUL is mysterious in the foundation of Creation. All life has some part of it in the Divine Triplicity of “Spirit, Soul and  Mind”.

I wrote on my website from the words of Sananda. It is somewhat complicated with Group souls and Twin souls.

It seems to indicate the concept of Individuality has to be seen as a part of a soul collective, which becomes ever greater on the road to Mastership, and even beyond.

My answer is that both soul and body are in prison. The (mortal) soul, that which is below, can be loosely defined as the consciousness with it's 3 aspects of mind, emotion and life clothed in the coat of the astral (desire) body and the hat or bonnet of the mental body. It is this that animates the further vehicles of etheric and material bodies, the etheric being the pattern for the material. It is this consciousness that is reincarnated, with new clothing in each cycle. For most people, there is another part of the consciousness, that which is above, or we can say, the immortal part, not in this world but connected to the mortal part. Thus a 2 part being. There is a fine cord between the two parts, in addition to that which joins the astral and material bodies. If we look at Plato's cave, the higher part can be represented as one of the chained prisoners in the cave, with the lower part as one of the shadows on the wall, the higher experiencing the life of the lower, the shadow being which is originally adapted from the consciousness of the higher, among the shadows. This situation is portrayed in The Matrix, the characters in the computer program being the shadows. The overall being is a prisoner. The reason for this is the abuse of free will, which only works if people are unselfish. The taking in of selfish desires, the development of a selfish ego, leads to the knowledge of good and evil and the fall into the prison, where people indulge in Human Racing, trying to gain superiority over each other and avoiding inferiority. This world or universe is governed by Fate - the Law of Karma and the Enforcer of the Law (which can be called the Demon etc.). If the selfish ego is strong people will go to almost any lengths to get what they want. In these cases the flames will grow hotter and hotter through many incarnations. Eventually the being may get tired of the situation here and will perhaps long for the original life. This goal can only be obtained by transfiguration, involving the process of raising the quality, including vibration rate, of the mortal soul, the below, to that of the other part, by means of the rebirth from the (living) water and the (Holy) spirit, resulting in the death of the selfish ego at Golgotha. The above will then descend to the below for the recombination, the Alchemical Wedding, the Regeneration of the rehabilitated one being, the Wonder of the One. The Kingdom is actually Within, so the above and below represent the inside and the outside. So, make the outside as the inside, the below as the above, and the two as one.

Just to add to my previous answer, here is a short fantasy which may help some understand the situation :

You can perhaps imagine the dreamer, dreaming his repetitive existence, wandering among the shadows, under a spell of love for his own shadow and what appears to be the residence of a beautiful maiden, until he eventually becomes disillusioned and sees that he is really having a nightmare in the cave dwelling of an ugly old witch, and gains the desire to escape to the outside. He passes this desire on to his shadow, hopefully before it deteriorates too far and shows too dark a face. They agree to join forces and begin the exit process, in order to live freely in the higher life, forever.


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