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Recently one guy asked me how can I explain to him what is my opinion on the verse from Galatians Chapter One, Verse Eight:
"But even if we, or an angel from heaven, were to preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be anathema." Also the idea was how can I believe in Christ and at the same time practise the knowledge about the esoteric stuff and New Age spirituality. I tried to explain it from my spiritual perspective.

My answer was: "For me, spirituality is univeral. Because the all-pervading Consciousness of God is present in all religions. According to my birth epiphany I am an Orthodox Christian. But in my spiritual viewpoint I have a wider and more deeper attitude. I would call myself universal Spiritualist and Theosophist who aspires for the Divine Truth and Light. Such definition seems to me much more integral and all-encompassing rather than to define myself just in terms of any traditional world religions. It seems to me the feeling of Spiritual Oneness among people is the best road to salvation. But I have spiritual communications with different Saints from many Christian groups who comes to me very often. So I liked that you are connected to Christ Consciousness and with his Saints. And for me it doesnt't matter which particular branch of organized religion you practice. Because all these roads which are full of Divine Love and Grace lead finally to one Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient God which is the emanation of Whole and Integral Divinity of all human beings in their best spiritual aspirations for the Divine Light and Supreme Truth-Knowledge.

Thus, verse was given to humanity by the God in an Era of total spiritual degradation. And the aim of the Divine Hierarchy was to move humanity from the old and destructive ideas which existed in humanity at that period to the New Spiritual Teaching of Christ. Every spiritual revelation is given to humanity dependent on the particular Era of Historical development. For instance, people who only believed in Old Testament had the Laws of very strict and violent nature and the God sent His Messenger (who is known on Earth as Jesus Christ) in order to transform and divinise human nature. And this verse was also given to humanity in order to increase the integration of new-born Christian teaching into the lives of humanity. So as for me many spiritual verses even from such Great Revelatory Book as the Bible have the time-specific dimension and history-specific dimension. When the humanity moves forward, the spiritual revelation also changes dependent on the level of humanity. And even if we look on modern various Christian groups all over the world. Usually they cannot even find the way to Divine Unity among themselves. Many Christian denominations think that only they hold the final monopoly on the words of Jesus Christ and cannot normally cooperate even with other Christian denominations. I had it in my own experience with many branches of Christianity. But the same is with many other religions and groups too. So for the present moment I think the consciousness of Divine Unity is more actual for humanity rather than some sort of religious manipulations (which from the spiritual perspective is completely primitive and done only for economic purposes). But the same is nowadays in politics, business and everywhere. Everyone wants to dominate and control and uses verses from the Bible also for this purpose. So nowadays Bible is still a highly actual Book and the Great Revelation of the previous Epoch. But we shouldn't use its verses in order to manipulate and control humanity. But on the contrary, in order to bring final spiritual salvation to all human beings upon Earth."

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