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I have no idea what this is called, which also suggests I don't know the best place to post it.  So, the "Ideas" group seems like a good resting place for my question.

I am wondering if anyone has any experience with, or has heard of, techniques for mutual consensual temporary cross possession.  By this, I mean where two people agree to transfer their consciousness into the other person's body for a period of time.  This might be serial, as in taking turns where one person inhabits the others body and then it reverses.  Or, it might be concurrent, where they just swap for a period of time.  In the first instance, the host would stay resident and monitor the process.

I saw a brief reference to something akin to this many years ago.  It spoke of a process taught by a Native American tribe that seemed to exhibit this capability.  I don't remember which tribe, but I think it was an East Coast tribe.

I have looked for more information on this ever since, but have never found more.  I have no doubt that it exists somewhere in esoteric lore, writings, or teachings.  I would appreciate any insights, information, hints, etc. about it.

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never heard of anything like that. sounds neat, but why would you want to do that?

There are a number of reasons, but they all basically come down to one of the reasons for doing anything esoteric -- to experience reality differently than the "norm", or to experience it from a different perspective.

I'm still looking for information on this.  Does the silence mean no one has heard of it?  Or, is it too far out there?

Does anyone have experience with Native American traditions?

Would help, but little to offer experientially or intellectually. You're describing a habitation, rather than the tantric union more familiar here. I am reminded of people I encountered who get into each other's dreams. Have you heard about dream sharing groups?  Spiritualists with that gift is the closest I can think of.

"Habitation".... hmmm... I have not heard of that, at least not by that term.  That sounds like another name for "possession".  Is it similar?

I see this as being more like a "Walk-in", perhaps, than a possession.

 I wish I could remember the tribe that practiced it.

Dream sharing -- I am VERY familiar with that.  I am a clinical hypnotherapist with decades of experience.  Many years ago I used hypnosis to do a fair amount of research into this phenomenon.  It happens quite frequently.  More than most people ever realize.  And, the way it happens is fascinating, too.

I also use dreams to teach my students.

Yes, the Hurons and Mohawks...

Thanks, Blaze,

Are you saying you're familiar with the traditions of Hurons and Mohawks?  Or, that they practiced this?


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